Studying in a different country is life-changing.  It expands your view of the world and gives you knowledge and experience that will enhance your education and your future career. 

Opportunities for students are available through direct exchange partnerships, faculty-led short term trips and other study abroad programs.  Faculty may participate in exchange programs through MSUB's partner universities. 



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Exchange Programs 

Exchange programs are partnerships in which a certain amount of students attending MSUB can study at a foreign university and the equivalent number of foreign students can study at MSUB. 

With this exchange program in place, studying abroad is very affordable because students can pay MSUB tuition while at the host university. The cost of room and board, books and other expenses are set by the partner university. In most cases, financial aid and scholarships can be used for the exchange experience. Academic credits are transferred to MSUB once a student has completed the exchange.  

Exchange programs are usually for a summer, a semester or an entire year. Most exchange programs offer content area course work in English as well as foreign language instruction, thus a student does not need to be fluent in another language in order to participate in a exchange program. 

 Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs are slightly different than an exchange program. With a study abroad program, student pay a set price for the classes taken at the host institution. The price of room and board can also vary depending on the program. The programs available for MSUB students allow for the bill to be processed through MSUB and then is sent to the host institution before the student’s visit. All financial aid and scholarship that students receive are still applied to the available programs. 

 CCIS Study Abroad Programs 

MSUB partners with the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) to provide students with more than 100 additional study abroad opportunities in over 25 countries around the world. Each program is unique, so prices will vary. Your study abroad application must still be processed through the MSUB Office of International Studies in order for credit to transfer back. For more information, visit the Study Abroad manager in McDonald Hall, Room 161. 

Faculty Led Trips 

Faculty-led study abroad programs are a great way to study and travel abroad and undergo a unique cultural learning experience, with the support of a knowledgeable faculty member. Programs are typically open to all MSUB students in every major, and all students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. Faculty-led programs, typically span one-to-two weeks and are oftentimes held just after the end of the spring semester. Some programs may also take place later in the summer or during academic breaks throughout the year. Students pay the study abroad fee to MSUB to cover the program cost; financial aid and scholarships are available. 

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Application



 Healthcare & Culture 

May 2019

Italy, Macedonia, Greece


Iquitos, Peru (Amazonia)


 Creative Writing

May 2019




Previous faculty led trips have included the countries listed below:

Costa Rica



Scholar Exchange Program

Scholar Exchange opportunities are available at MSUB. Faculty and staff are able to go to partner universities to conduct research, guest lecture, or even teach a course. The purpose of these opportunities is to increase the level of international faculty communication and cooperation. It also provides faculty the opportunity to experience other cultures in a classroom setting that they are able to bring back to the MSUB classroom, in turn diversifying MSUB's campus.