Office of International Studies

IELP Individual Education Plan



At the start of every session, an "Individual Education Plan (IEP)" is developed for each IELP student based on an assessment of the student's current English language skill level determined by a comprehensive English language examination and personal consultation with the IEL Program Manager.


The Individual Education Plan is then used to guide each student's learning during the session to enable them to achieve specific goals for improving their English language competency level, social and cultural skill development, and preparation for college level academic success.


A student's education plan helps the program teachers and manager focus each student's education to their specific language needs within each class. The program manager meets with each student four times during each session to give them an up-to-date status report which is used to direct the student's focus for the upcoming weeks.


IELP Placement Testing and Level Advancement


At the start of each session, students will take placement tests which will define the IELP level that the student will start at in the program. At the end of each session, each student will take the placement tests again. The student's combined IELP course grades and placement test scores will determine whether the student should continue to the next level or continue at the previous level. Once the student has successfully completed "Level 6" of the IELP, they will have earned an English language competency which will qualify them to enroll in any MSU Billings degree program.


IELP Placement Testing and Level Advancement Score Requirements


Level 1


ESL Reading: 1-41

ESL Listening: 1-41

ESL Grammar: 1-41

ESL Writing: 0-2

ESL Oral Interview: 0-30%

Level 2


ESL Reading: 42-58

ESL Listening: 42-58

ESL Grammar: 42-58

ESL Writing: 3-4

ESL Oral Interview: 31-50%

Level 3


ESL Reading: 59-70

ESL Listening: 59-70

ESL Grammar: 59-70

ESL Writing: 5-6

ESL Oral Interview: 51-69%

Level 4


ESL Reading: 71-80

ESL Listening: 71-80

ESL Grammar: 71-80

ESL Writing: 7-8

ESL Oral Interview: 70-79%

Level 5


ESL Reading: 81-90

ESL Listening: 81-90

ESL Grammar: 81-90

ESL Writing: 9-10

ESL Oral Interview: 80-91%

Level 6


ESL Reading: 91-99

ESL Listening: 91-99

ESL Grammar: 91-99

ESL Writing: 11-12

ESL Oral Interview: 92-100%