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IELP Program Costs



Below are the estimated costs for each 130-hour session of the IELP Program. Single room housing and other meal plan pricing options may be selected based on the student's preference.


Estimated Costs per 130-hour Session (USD)


Fees $307.55
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Housing Housing & Residential Life website
Meal Plans Sodexo Dining Services

Please note: Students are charged on a semester basis (i.e. 2 sessions).

If a student only participates in one session, the cost of the second session will be refunded.


Each student will have two housing options and four meal plan options on the Housing Application form. Students will receive this form after they have been accepted into the program. Please be sure to fill it out completely.


Health Insurance is required to participate in this program. It is available at additional cost if a student is not bringing health insurance coverage with them.

Intensive English Language Program Policies

> View program policies translations in Japanese,Arabic and Chinese.


Advising Policy

All IELP students must attend their advising meetings prior to the beginning of each session. Students will not be able to start their classes unless they meet with their advisors first or make other arrangements.


Attendance Policy

The IELP enforces strict attendance rules to ensure students’ involvement and engagement in class. Students must maintain 80% during each session in all classes. If attendance drops below 80%, students will receive a warning and a cautionary meeting with the immigration specialist. If attendance does not improve still, students may jeopardize their future and might have to exit the program.


Book Policy

All IELP students are required to use new books at all times in all of their classes. For questions regarding used books or pre owned books, please consult with the IELP director.


IELP to Academia Transition Policy

All IELP level six students must get an overall GPA of 2.7 in order to graduate the IELP. Once this is achieved, students are given the undergrad ACT Compass test. However, if they fail to pass the test, they are required to repeat level five in the IELP, transfer to a different university or go home.


International Students with Acceptable TOEFL or IELTS Scores Policy

When students present proof of 5.5 IELTS or 68 IBT, they are given the undergrad ACT Compass test. However, if they fail to pass the test, they are required to take level five in the IELP, transfer to a different university or go home.


Jumping Levels Policy

All IELP students are able to jump a level under certain conditions. The student must pass his/her current level with As in all IELP classes as well as score the next level in the ESL Compass test. Once those are achieved, the student is able to jump a level in the IELP.


Level to Level Progress Policy

Once students are placed in a level based on their ESL ACT Compass scores, students are required to earn an overall GPA of 2.7 in order to pass into the next level. For example, if students are in level two and they have six classes, all final six GPAs will be added up, divided by six and the overall GPA must be 2.7. In that case, the students move to level three. If however the students are not able to accomplish a 2.7 overall GPA, they are allowed to repeat the level once. If they do not pass their second attempt, students are required to provide an acceptable TOEFL or IELTS score, transfer to  a different university or go home.  


Payment Policy

All IELP payments are required by the first Friday of each session. All payments are to be paid in full. Any student account that is not completely paid by the first Friday of each session, will be withdrawn from the IELP, lose their I20, and will be required to return home. Installment plans are not available for International students at Montana State University Billings.


Refund Policy

A full, 100% refund will be given to students who withdraw by 5:00pm on the 4th day of IELP classes. Any student withdrawing from the program after 5:00pm on the 4th day of classes will be responsible for all tuition and fees.


Registration Policy

All IELP students must complete their advisor appointment before the 1st day of classes in order to be registered for the current IELP session.


Repeating Policy

Students are allowed to repeat a level once. If they fail to pass the level twice, they may go back a level. However, if they decide to go back a level, they are only given one chance to pass the previous level and the next level they were not able to pass originally. For example, if a student fails to pass level 4, he/she can repeat level 4. If he/she fails again, he/she can repeat level 3 but must pass level 3 and 4 from the first attempt. If he/she fails again, they may transfer to another program, go home or come back with a 68 IBT TOEFL score or 5.5 IELTS score.


Transfer-in Policy

Any student desiring to transfer in to the IELP before the first day of orientation for an IELP session must complete their transfer paperwork by the paperwork acceptance date as determined by the Office of International Studies. Any student desiring to transfer in after the start of orientation for the current session will be delayed to the next starting session.


Transfer-out Policy

Any student desiring to transfer out of the IELP will be expected to meet adhere to the IELP Withdrawal Policy.


Vacation Policy

Students are able to take a vacation in the summer between one and four months. However, upon their return to the program, students are expected to retake the ESL ACT Compass test in order to be placed in an appropriate level in the IELP.


Withdrawal Policy

Any student is able to withdraw from the IELP. If a student is already registered, the student must complete a withdrawal form found here online. If the student is not registered, they have to complete all transfer-out requirements from the Office of International Studies by speaking directly to OIS staff. All withdrawals will be subjected to the refund policy as stated above.


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