The University Honors Program offers intellectually stimulating classes and career-building opportunities. Smaller in size, Honors classes are taught by outstanding professors; foster active, engaged learning; and emphasize problem-solving, innovation, and creativity. Via their experiences in the program, UHP students are challenged to explore new ideas and to evaluate held knowledge. The program provides research and internship opportunities and assists students to study abroad, to apply for scholarships, and to acquire the skills and credentials for successful careers. 


The University Honors Program fuels success at MSUB and beyond.


Energizing Classes and Stimulating Teachers 

Take classes that strengthen your problem-solving skills, self-expression, and creativity with teachers dedicated to student success.


Advising and Mentorship 

Enjoy the advantage of special advising and mentorship support that helps align current choices with future goals.

 Professional Development 

Engage in internships, research, and projects that employers and graduate schools value.

Community Life 

Build enduring friendships and professional networks while participating in honors and campus activities.

Supportive Environment 

Gain opportunities for honors-only scholarships and other perks and get help with applications, interviews and other professional skills.




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May 10, 2019

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May 9, 2019

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April 26, 2018

The Steigers at Disneyland
Cody Walters in a science lab at MSUB

Dani & Dillon Steiger: Making Music and Memories at MSUB

As this year's Wine & Food Festival student speakers, we look forward to sharing our story...

MSU Billings student receives Goldwater Scholarship

Cody Walters is the second-ever winner from MSUB...


Golden Merit Award Recipient, Miglena Ivanova

Montana has always held a soft spot in Ivanova’s heart, making her decision to study at MSUB a perfect fit.




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