Fellow Honors Programmers --

Call this the late Friday afternoon version, beginning with the forgotten reminder . . .


•        Honors Contract – We forgot to remind you that the deadline was yesterday and so will extend it until next Friday, October 9. If you need help arranging a contract or are uncertain about how to do so, see me earlier next week.


Honors courses and registration information . . .


•    Honors Courses – We will get the list of honors courses out next week.


•    Perspectives and Understanding – For the spring, we moved it from its usual time (12:10-1:40 Tuesday/ Thursday) to 10:30-12:00. If this won’t work for you, let us know. We are looking for ways to enable any- one who wants to take the course next semester to do so, especially you volleyball players.


•    Advising Sessions – For this semester, we will replace our drop-in sessions (sorry the pizza get eliminated with this plan also) with individual appointments. There will be times from early morning through mid-evening. Let either Sheryl or me know if you want an appointment.


Upcoming events . . .


•    Saturday, October 17 – Refresh the Rims (9:30 – Noon) & Pumpkin Painting (in the afternoon). Get service hours for the Rims event and a chance to get some early Halloweenish spirit with the pumpkin painting.


•    Friday, November 6 – Jackbox II. Another evening of Jackbox and friends.


October is always a busy month, much more this year given our accelerated schedule. So there will definitely be more to come . . .


David Craig


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