Create and maintain distinctive, vital academic programs and services for 21st Century learners


Faculty Excellence


Cultivate excellence in & outside the classroom, in scholarly endeavors & exemplary service through faculty & staff development, support for scholarship, continuing assessment, & recognition of professional service


Needs of Learners


Identify the needs of all learners & provide access to a university experience that fulfills both individual goals & societal needs


Social Equity


Model social equity and consciousness by assuring that all members of our campus community grows because of their University experience


Research Initiatives


Increase the stature, professionalism & research initiatives of all academic programs & student services


Economic Access


Augment local, state & regional economic development through the strength of the University’s financial base & our learners’ contributions to their communities


Global Engagement


Increase staff, faculty  & student awareness, understanding, & involvement in the international community


University Infrastructure


Ensure an administrative, operational and physical infrastructure that fully supports excellence