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10+ Tips for Workplace Success

You've just landed your dream job:  high pay and good benefits, reasonable hours, the opportunity to be a valued member of a team, and excellent perks (like the option to telecommute, reimbursement for continued education, more).


Everything is going great, but you need to resist the urge to coast.  Maintain workplace success by following these guidelines:

  • Know your employer's expectations.  Make sure you understand company culture, job duties, employer policies.
  • Be honest in EVERY instance.  Resist the urge to borrow company supplies for personal use, do personal errands on company time, or pad your expense account.
  • Be positive.  Whether things are going well or badly, always maintain an even keel and resist the urge to complain to co-workers about your boss or your job.  Your complaints could work their way back up the corporate ladder.
  • Be a team player.  The business world loves team players--those willing to set aside their personal goals for the overall goals of the department or company.  Team players get noticed and often advance faster than those with a more self-centered approach.
  • Avoid gossip.  Stay focused on the positive and refrain from sharing personal or company information with your co-workers.  Be especially cognizant of this when attending company parties or outings where alcohol is served.
  • Practice good "cubicle etiquette."  Whether or not you're actually in a cube, respect shared office space by keeping voice volume low on the phone and in person.  Do not SHOUT across the room; go to co-workers to speak to them.

    Follow workplace etiquette guidelinesall the time!
  • Leave your personal life at home.  Keep personal calls and emails to a minimum.  Leave errands for lunchtime or when you're away from work.  Don't share intimate details of your social life over the water cooler!
  • Be willing to take on extra duties.  Always volunteer for extra responsibilities--whether it's overseeing a major new project or filing folders.
  • Use technology only for business purposes.  Most companies monitor employee usage of technology, so you should skip the personal emails and text messages.  NEVER, of course, view illegal or pornographic materials on the web.
  • Be punctual and respect established business hours.  Get to work early, never take more time than is allotted for lunch, never leave early, and work extra hours if necessary when on deadline.  You want to send the message that you're dependable and willing to go the extra mile to meet company goals.
  • Always respect deadlines.  Keep your word.  Always meet deadlines; if you miss a deadline, it may have a domino effect throughout your company.  Talk to your boss far ahead of a deadline if you believe that you won't be able to complete an assigned task on time.



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