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High-Tech Office Etiquette

Every amazing advance in technology offers its good and bad sides. Each can be a wonderful tool, but so is a chainsaw. Use these gadgets with care!



While it may be less formal than a letter, it's still a written reflection of you. Check for spelling & grammatical errors and save sensitive information for the phone.


Many businesses privately monitor employees' usage of email, so you might be penalized for sending too many personal notes or for divulging confidential company news.


Laptops may be essential for business trips, but they also hold important company data. Shield private files from fellow travelers.


Using a speakerphone is acceptable ONLY during group meetings or brief hands-full interludes. 


Otherwise, it says "You're not important enough for me to speak to privately." At worst, the caller might be overheard by the wrong people.

Cell phones & pagers

Turn off cell phones and pagers during meetings, period. And in movie theaters, offices, restaurants, everywhere you are not alone.


Be prudent. A woman who took a call from a client while she was in a bathroom stall--and the client heard everything--flushed that deal down the toilet!

Voice mail 

Voice mail messages should be specific, yet concise. Include date & time of your call, a number where your call can be returned, and purpose of the call. Speak slowly and clearly.

Excerpted from “CAM Report"
Career Advancement & Management Facts & Trends


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