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What Is a Cooperative Education Internship?


Cooperative Education (Co-Op) internships create educational partnerships among Montana State University Billings, the business community, and students.


This unique academic program allows students to earn academic credit, and often a wage, while combining classroom learning with practical work experience. 


Why participate? Because internships: 

  • Expose students to real-world work in their major before they graduate, and returns them to the classroom with an enthusiastic, "I-want-to learn-more" attitude.
  • Connect you with employers, linking you with possible opportunities for grant development, guest speaking, and sources of research information.
  • Give employers one convenient point of contact on campus, which they say they prefer.
  • Offer access to leading-edge information and in-depth observations of current practices in the industry you can share with students.

In 2013-14, 196 students earned 811 CE credits; paid interns earned $13.48/hr, on average.



Please review Workers' Compensation & insurance guidelines for employers hiring student interns.


Bethany Keeler
Bethany Keeler, Accounting S12
Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co.