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Internship Basics


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How Advising & Career Services Can Help:

  • Advising & Career Services has established contacts with numerous and varied employers throughout the community who are looking for interns.

  • Employers prefer a central and convenient contract point, something our Internship Coordinator serves as.
  • Advising & Career Services develops new internship sites to match students' majors and career interests while also working with sites to develop thorough internship positions.
  • Advising & Career Services saves you time by collaborating with sites to facilitate student placement and by meeting with students to help them find appropriate sites that match what they are looking for.
  • We coach students to be competitive and productive interns.

How You Can Encourage Student Involvement:

Visit our Internship Coordinator in the Advising & Career Services office. Collaborate with the Internship Coordinator so new and exciting opportunities can be developed for students.


Share current internship postings related to your academic area with students during class time and direct students interested in Internships to the Advising & Career Services office.


Encourage your students to plan ahead. Setting up an internship can take several weeks or even months. Distribute the Internship 101 handout to students who may want more information.


Did you know...

  • In 2016-17, 238 students earned 995 internship credits
  • 47% of 2016-17 interns were paid and earned an average of $13.45/hour
  • 37% of 2016-17 interns were offered jobs as a result of their internships, as reported by employers.

We are here to assist you, call our Internship Coordinator at 657-1717.