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Basics of Co-Op Ed Internships


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Faculty Participation:

  • Encourage students to include an internship in their plan of study. Use their experiences in the classroom for feedback on the relevance of coursework.

  • Visit the Cooperative Education office or view current internships to explore possible work sites. Communicate and share possible work sites with the Cooperative Education Specialist so that new and exciting opportunities may be introduced to your students.

  • Share current internship postings related to your academic area of study with students during class time; direct interested students to the Cooperative Education office, Library 100.

  • Manage all your students' CE internships in CareerLink:  Approve learning agreements, complete evaluations, nominate outstanding interns for recognition, and more.  It's paperless!

Student Participation:

  • Students complete Co-Op application by registering in CareerLink.  They must complete the section titled “Miscellaneous Information.” 

  • Students upload a résumé in CareerLink to be critiqued by Career Services staff and then corrected.

  • Co-Op Ed will assist students in developing an internship that matches their majors/career interests. 

  • Co-Op Ed calls sites to facilitate student interviews, sends résumés to possible sites, and suggests appropriate sites.

Did you know...

  • In 2013-14, 196 students earned 811 Co-Op Ed internship credits.

  • 2013-14 paid interns earned an average of $13.48/hour.

  • 90% of Class of 2007 grads from College of Arts & Sciences who did CE internships were employed FT after graduation.

  • 100% of College of Business grads from Class of 2007 who did CE internships were employed FT after graduation.

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