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Staff / Student Assessment

Ever wondered just how much you are integrating technology into your schools curriculum? Or how much your teachers and students actually know about 21st Century tools and learning?  We can help you find out by conducting assessment tests based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S). Then based on the results provide your school with individualized professional development solutions focused on improving your students' and teachers' technology proficiency.

Online Web Presence

Teachers in the 21st century need a way to stay connected with their students and parents. This is a workshop just for that. Develop your own personal web presence and learn the potential of owning your own teacher web site.

Web 2.0 Tools

Down and dirty programs that are easy to use and real classroom time savers. This workshop will introduce you to a hand full of tools and give teachers strategies how to manage all of their newly created accounts.

Using Google Earth/Maps in Education

Learn how to use and effectively integrate Google Earth and Google Maps in your lesson plans. Learn how to add content to Google Earth. So easy, even your students can do it!

Google Tools

Learn how to harness the power of Google in your classroom. Lessons can be as specific as learning how to get better search results, or as broad as exploring many of the tools in Googles suite of programs.

Cell Phones in Your Class?

Let's face it, a great majority of our students are coming to school with this technology in their hands. Instead of banning cell phones, learn to harness their power and use them as a productive part of your classroom.

IWB (Interactive White Board) Training

Learn how to effectively use your SmartBoard, Promethean Board, or any other IWB in your classroom. Let's not use new technologies the same way we used the old!

Ipad U

This workshop will guide you through the basics of the newly released Ipad. Explore some useful educational apps, and learn the power of the Ipad as we learn how to collect and aggregate data from observations in a easy to use format.

Internet Safety

One of the most popular topics, this workshop will give educators information and resources that will help them determine levels of web use in their classroom.


Geospatial information is all around us. Most data is even spatially referenced. Learn how to collect data using a GPS unit, and with free online GIS programs, create a spatial layer for a specific purpose. Very easily integrated into many Science and Social Studies programs.

We Do Robotics

The WeDo Robotics System is designed especially for second- through fourth-grade students, and takes the elementary Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) classroom to a whole new level! During this introductory workshop, participants will build a Hungry Alligator and a Roaring Lion; thoroughly review how to use the WeDo programming software; receive additional math and science activities; and learn how to implement robotics at the classroom, campus, or district level. Join us to connect, explore, enhance, learn, and have fun! No prior experience using robotics or building with LEGO elements is required.

Robots MINDSTORMS Education


Games in Education

Yep, we said it! Learn how to use games to engage and teach students. From online roll playing games, to offline games, studies show a high potential for engagement and learning.

Digital Cameras and Storytelling

Quickly and easily create content online. Learn how to quickly create a story using pictures or video using online programs, digital cameras, and Flip video cameras.

Student Writing and Publishing

The power of publishing enables students to think like writers, to apply their learning strategies and to organize and express their learning. Learn to use web resources and software already at your fingertips to publish student creations!