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From the moment students arrive on campus as freshman, they have opportunities to involve themselves in a wide range of student activities and sports.  The University has 40 clubs and organizations, a number of intramural sports, and service opportunities. Check them out at the Center for Engagement.

Get a part time job or work study job on campus.
The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the student organization for students on campus, serving all of the residence hall students in both Petro Hall and Rimrock Hall.  RHA’s main focus is social and educational programming for residents, providing ample opportunities for interaction and involvement.  RHA is a wonderful way to get involved with campus activities, meet new people, network with administration, and hone important transferable skills…not to mention it is a lot of fun!

All students with less than 30 credit hours are required to live in a Residence Hall.  You must petition for exemption if you are: married, single parent, students registering for 5 or fewer credit hours, students who reside with their parents in the local area, and students over 21 years of age.  (Online Exemption Form)

Please visit University Police's Parking Information webpage for more information on parking and rates.

You may have an overnight guest under the following conditions: 1) You occupy a single room or have obtained the permission of the roommate if you occupy a double room. 2) Guests must show a Montana University System ID or driver’s license and residents can check in a maximum of 3 guests at one time. 3) The stay is a maximum of two nights.  Guests are limited to a maximum of 20 nights per semester.  4) Any resident or guest who is in violation of the guest visitation policy may be subject to misconduct action by the Housing Staff. 5) All residents are responsible for the actions of their guests.  We do not provide a bed or bedding for guests staying in your room.

Each room  is provided with two beds, two desks, and up to two chairs. Each room is equipped with a sink and wireless internet service.   Phone service is not provided. Room dimensions are 11 x 14.  (See also: Virtual Tour & Floor Plans)

All beds have extra long, twin mattresses. We have a limited quantity of longer mattresses for those who may need additional accommodations. Contact us at housing@msubillings.edu or call 657-2333 to learn more.

All residents living on campus MUST purchase one of the meal plans. You will select your meal plan as part of your Housing application.  Please be sure to communicate with Dining Services if you need special accomodations for meals/allergies.

Although it is the policy of Montana State University Billings that individuals are generally prohibited from having animals other than fish in any type of University Housing, Disability Support Services will consider a request by an individual with a disability for a reasonable accommodation from this prohibition to allow a service or emotional support animal. However, no emotional support animal may be kept in University Housing at any time prior to the individual receiving approval as a reasonable accommodation pursuant to this Policy.  Dogs under a year old are not allowed.

The question in determining if an animal will be allowed in University Housing is whether or not the animal is necessary because of the individual’s disability to afford the individual an equal opportunity to use and enjoy University Housing and its presence in University Housing is reasonable. However, even if the individual with a disability establishes necessity for an animal and it is allowed in University Housing, an emotional support animal  is not permitted in other areas of the University (e.g. dining facilities, libraries, academic buildings, athletic building and facilities, classrooms, labs, student union building, etc.).

If you feel you need an emotional support or service animal as a Housing accommodation, please review the policy and application HERE.

Starting August 15, 2012 there is NO SMOKING OR TOBACCO use on the University Property.  You must go off the property or you will be in violation and subject to conduct. (See: Tobacco Free Policy Information)

Students who are living on campus during the semester preceding the fall and have signed a contract for the Spring semester may stay in the residence halls during the break for a minimal charge.   Students who are involved in misconduct situations during the semester may be denied housing during break periods.  Students are allowed to stay in the residence halls during Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break, at no additional charge.  Desk, computer lab, and dining hours are extremely limited during holiday breaks.

Resident students who flagrantly or repeatedly violate housing policies may be subject to eviction from the residence halls and/or referral to the University Misconduct Process. Failure to make installment payments may also result in termination of your contract. See: Housing & Residence Life Student Manual

All mail is received in the MSUB mailroom where it is sorted and brought to the Housing office where it is distributed to the halls. Mail is distributed Monday-Friday, with the exception of holidays.  Outgoing mailboxes are located in the lobbies of both halls and by McMullen Hall.

A resident can park their car with a valid parking permit anywhere in Student Parking.  Guests can park in the visitor parking lots at a minimal cost during the day.  Campus Police does have free guest permits available if you stop by their office. See:Security - Parking

Residents are required to pay their bill at the beginning of the semester or set up monthly installment plans.  If a resident does not pay their bill on time, they can be subject to eviction from the halls.  The Housing Office staff is willing to work with all residents regarding their semester bills; however, it is important that residents communicate with the Housing staff to avoid eviction.

Laundry services are located on each floor in both halls. Laundry is a pay for service program and units take quarters or you can use your UCard if you have money on your General Account. To add money to your general account online go the UCard Login.  If you notice an error code on the machines please let Housing know right away and DO NOT try to start it as your clothes will get locked in the machine.

More laundry and refund information.

You must fill out a Contract Release Form to be approved by the Housing Office prior to moving off campus. The Housing Office has the right to deny a release which means you will be charged for your room.  You have signed an Academic Year Contract so there will be a fee if you are approved of $75 and if you cancel over Winter Break and have items in your room there will be a $20/day storage fee.

YES!  It is located in the Student Union Building and is available for use during the SUBs operating hours. Ping pong is available in Petro Lobby and board games are also available in the Rimrock Lounge or at Petro Front Desk.

Students taking 6 or more credits are able to live in the residence halls. If you are taking under 6 credits, you must fill out the Credit Exemption Request form and return it to the Housing Office to be able to stay in the halls.

The MET bus system runs by the campus and schedules are located in the residence halls and the Student Union Building.

Talk to your RA about the problem first to see if anything can be done to resolve the situation.  The first step is to attempt to positively communicate with your roommate to discuss the situation.  If assistance is needed in communicating with your roommate, your RA is available as a resource to assist you.  A resident may always be moved to another room as a single or into another room with someone, but we will work to mediate the situation prior to moving you to another room.  If you cannot find your RA please go to the Hall Director.  Your hall director is also available to assist you in resolving a roommate conflict.

When signing up for a room it is good to list your disability on the housing application or if you are visiting the campus please stop by the Housing Office.  If you need special accommodations you will need to fill out the ADA request form with the Disability Support Services.  To get help on campus please contact Disability Support Services at (406) 657-2283 or the Academic Support Center at (406) 657-1641.

MSU Bozeman nursing students may live in the residence halls.  You may be required to get an MSUB ID card for use on campus.  You will need to complete our Housing Application with a different link, so please send us an email so we can provide that to you.

There are no plug-ins available for cars.

The University has work study and part time jobs available on campus for students.  Jobs are posted online here.  Work study jobs are available through the Financial Aid office which is located in McMullen hall also.

Please complete a maintenance request form and allow for up to 4 days to have your issue corrected.  If it is an emergency, like backed up sink, please reach out to a Housing Staff person to get that called in.

Most non-traditional and upper class residents live in Rimrock Hall.  All residents living on campus are required to have a meal plan.

Personal consumption of alcoholic beverages by residents of legal drinking age or their invited guests (also of legal drinking age), in private living quarters in the residence halls or other campus living units, shall not unduly interfere with the rights of others, not cause the normal operation of the residence halls or campus living unit to be disrupted.  Individuals who are not residents may not bring alcohol into the residence halls.  No alcohol is permitted in community gathering places.  Students, who are not of the legal age, may not be present in a room where alcohol is present or being consumed. See: Housing & Residence Life Student Manual

Bring your postings to the Housing office or email us your screens. See Housing Posting Policies

Housing and Residence Life application fee ($125) is NON-REFUNDABLE.  It is a pre-payment on your bill after you move into the halls and will show as a payment on your University Account.