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Schedule of Events

Friday, April 21
12:15 Keynote Speaker Dr. Jennifer Lynn
Introduction by Chancellor Dr. Stefani Hicswa
Glacier Room and live streaming on WebEx
12:40 Oral Presentation Session - Glacier Room
1:15 Poster Session - Glacier Room
2:30 Awards & Closing Remarks by Provost Dr. Sep Eskandari


How to Attend

The 2023 Symposium will be hosted in a in-person formats in the Student Union Building at MSU Billings. Those attending virtually will have the chance to watch the keynote and awards ceremony via WebEx.

The virtual Symposium utilize the WebEx platform, which allows us to host a portion of the events in an online format. You do NOT need to be a student or employee of MSUB to attend. Your computer (or other device) will prompt you to download the program the first time you attempt to join a meeting. Please follow instructions here.


Presenter Information

click here to view the symposium program, which includes a schedule and student abstracts


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Biological & Physical Sciences

  • Award: Magge Snow & Renzie Pond, "An Elongator Knock Out Mouse Model for ALS"
    • Honorable Mention: David Russell, "Elongator’s Modification of Ribosomal RNA in Yeast"
    • Honorable Mention: Olivia Schwartz, "Optimization of DNA Extraction and Size Selection for NGS Sequencing Across Plant Families Found in Dover Memorial Park"

Sociology, Psychology & Political Science

  • Award: Samantha Green, Anna Howell, Benjamin Livesay & Sidney Romero, "The Connection Between Mental Illness and Criminality"
    • Honorable Mention: Hannah Hayden, Mercedes Milam, Kira Nader & Keegan Vanderhoef, "How Incarceration of Parents Can Affect a Person’s Thought Process"
    • Honorable Mention: Kyra Fortner, Cole Goodale & Harrison Soueidi, "Perception of Law Enforcement"

Health & Human Performance / Clinical Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling

  • Award: Lilliana Hanson, "Effects of Peripheral Vision on Balance in Healthy Individuals"
    • Honorable Mention: Ashley Tiffin, "The Acute Effects of a Caffeinated Beverage on HR, BP, and BG Post Step Test"
    • Honorable Mention: Destynee Two Moons, "Native Americans affected by stereotype threat: Resilience vs. Persuasion"

History / Mathematics / Education / Environmental Studies

  • Award: Nicholas Redgrave, "Traditional and Modern Bands of the Dene"
    • Honorable Mention: Hannah Kellinger, "Student Self-Assessment in a High School Science Classroom"
    • Honorable Mention: Elizabeth McShane, "A Characterization of Search Engine Results"

Creative Writing

  • Award: Samantha Eder, Poetry Reading
    • Honorable Mention: Steve Paulson, Poetry Reading
    • Honorable Mention: Lindsay Stewart, Poetry Reading


View previous awardees here.


  • David Airne, Academic Coordinator, TRIO/SSS
  • Dr. Melinda Aley, Assistant Professor, Communication
  • Cindy Bell, Director, Grants & Sponsored Programs
  • Austin Bennett, Instructor, City College
  • Dr. Melissa Boehm, Professor, Communication
  • Dr. Joseph Bryan, Professor, History
  • Liz Flom, Research Assistant, SCL Health
  • Sarah Haight, Director of Development, MSUB Foundation
  • Heather Hanna, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Finance
  • Dr. Jana Marcette, Director, Graduate Studies & University Honors Program
  • John Moffat, Program Coordinator, Office of Educational Access
  • Hanna Olson, Owner, Narrator Creative Consulting (MSUB Alumna)
  • Natalie Preston, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
  • Dr. Matt Queen, Professor, Biological & Physical Sciences
  • Joann Stryker, Director, Institutional Research
  • Kathleen Thatcher, Director, Assessment and Accreditation
  • Dr. Amber West Martin, Director, Academic Support Center