Montana 10’s benefits can be summarized into three principal supports: Financial Support, Academic Momentum and Purpose and Belonging. Below, learn more about Montana 10's Financial Support.

How We Help With Tuition

All Montana 10 students receive a scholarship that is applicable towards tuition and mandatory fees for Fall and Spring semesters. Scholarship amounts are based on financial need as determined by the FAFSA. 

Students who are eligible for Pell will receive a scholarship to support tuition and mandatory fees after Pell and other aid/scholarships is applied. 

Up to $300 per semester towards tuition & mandatory fees for City College

Up to $800 per semester towards tuition & mandatory fees for University Campus
*Scholarship funds apply only to tuition and mandetory fees. Funds do not cover the costs of residence halls, meal plans, parking permits, and other "non-mandatory" fees. This is a tuition scholarship that is applied after Pell, awards, scholarships and other funding sources.

To view the list of mandatory fees at University Campus, please click here.
To view the list of mandatory fees at the City College campus, please click here

Textbook Stipend

MT10 scholars will receive $250.00 per semester to use at the bookstore for required course material.

$50 Monthly Incentive

This part of  Montana 10 creates a system highlighting some of the most valuable university programs to use as resources for your college career and beyond. Montana 10 gives students $50 for participating in each month's incentive requirements.

The monthly incentive includes two requirements:

  1. Meet with your MT10 Advisor
  2. Participate in a monthly second requirement chosen by the MT10 team. This requirement will promote a different campus support every month. (Example: The campus tutoring center, the campus career center, etc.)

If a scholar completes both requirements, they will receive $50.00 towards their MSUB Ucard. 

Core Elements