How to Connect to Wireless


MSU Billings provides high-speed, secure wireless internet (MSUB-mobile or MSUB-Halls) for all students, staff, and faculty on campus. A wireless network is also provided for visitors to our campus (MSUB-visitor). If you're a student, staff, or faculty, please always connect to MSUB-mobile. To connect to the wireless network: 

1) From your device, select MSUB-mobile or MSUB-Halls (if you're a halls resident) network and click Connect. 

Connect to MSUB-mobile 

2) When prompted, enter your NetID and Password. If you need help finding your NetID, review the STEP by STEP: NetID Lookup.

Enter your NetID and Password 

3) You may get a confirmation that you want to connect to the network. Click Connect.

Click Connect to Confirm Connection

You will now be connected to the MSUB-mobile wireless network. 



Important: Always make sure you are connected to MSUB-mobile and not MSUB-visitor if you are a student, staff, or faculty member. MSUB-mobile is significantly faster and more secure than MSUB-visitor.

If you have an issue connecting a device to the wireless network, please call the IT Service Desk at 406-247-5700 or visit them on the 1st Floor of the Library.


For campus visitors: 

From your device, select MSUB-visitor or MSUB-Halls-Visitor and click connect. No username or password is required.

You will now be connected to the MSUB-visitor wireless network. 

Note: MSUB-visitor and MSUB-Halls-Visitor networks are restricted to only web browsing and does not provide the high speed or security of MSUB-mobile or MSUB-Halls. All students, staff, and faculty should use MSUB-mobile or MSUB-Halls if you are a residential halls student.