What is Read&Write?

MSUB IT has purchased a campus-wide license for Read&Write allowing students, faculty and staff to use the software on all MSUB owned computers or to download it for use at home. Read&Write is a software solution that provides accessibility and literacy assistance for students, readers, writers, individuals with learning disabilities and English language learners. 

Read&Write is an easy to use with its customizable toolbar that integrates with applications such as Microsoft Word, web browsers (like Internet Explorer and Chrome), Adobe Reader and many more.  

Read&Write benefits:

  • Improves Reading Fluency and Comprehension

  • Facilitates Research, Writing, Studying, and Test Taking

  • Includes Homophone and Sound-alike Dictionaries
  • Includes Verb Checker and Advanced Spell Check
  • Encourages Independence and Inclusion

  • Provides UDL Tools that Benefit ALL Students across all RTI Tiers

Read&Write 11.5 Take Home & 12 Download with User Install Guide

MSUB provides Read&Write access to students, faculty, and staff. Read&Write allows their software to be installed on home computers in addition to campus computers. The installation files and instructions have been uploaded into an Office 365 folder accessible by all faculty, staff, and students. Below are the instructions for users desiring the software. 

  1. Visit Microsoft SharePoint.
  2. Log in with your Office 365 credentials (MSUB email address plus password).
  3. Download the installation files and instruction guide appropriate to your computer's operating system.
  4. Follow the instructions to install the software.

Additionally, a Read&Write IOS or Android app is available.