Panopto Desktop Recorder Download and Install

The steps below will assist you in downloading and installing the Panopto Desktop Recorder on your computer.

1) Log into the MSU Billings Panopto site at

2) Click the Sign in button.



3) Sign in with your MSUB email address and the password.



4) In the top right corner of the window, click Download Panopto.



5) Click the Download Panopto button to start the download.



6) After the download is completed, go to the downloads folder on your computer and double click the panoptorecorder.exe file to start the installation.



7) When the install window appears, leave the default settings, and click Next.



8) Click Install to begin.




9) Once the install is complete, a Sign in window will appear. Click Sign in to continue.



10) Click the Open Panopto Recorde button when the next window appears.



11) This should automatically sign you into the Panopto Recorder app.