Connected Classroom

To help serve students who are attending classes remotely, Connected Classrooms were development to allow students who are off campus to partificpate in class and communicate with faculty and students who are in the classroom. Through the use of cameras, audio equipment, and digital technology, Connected Classrooms allow students to be present in the classroom though they may not be present in the classroom itself. 

Connected Classroom Equipment

Connected Classrooms include the following equipment:

  • 75" touch monitor
  • Computer and monitor
  • Ceiling mounted camera
  • Ceiling mounted microphones
  • Digital document camera
  • Room speakers and audio equipment
Connected Classrooms


Connected Classroom Resources

Connected Classroom User Guide


Touch Monitor


Connected Classrooms with Touch Monitors Locations

University Campus





Cisel 002

Cisel 003

Cisel 012

Cisel 118

Cisel 128

College of Education 122

College of Education 228

College of Education 269

College of Education 297

College of Education 301

College of Education 304

College of Education 305

College of Education 310

College of Education 319

College of Education 323

College of Education 327

College of Education 403 College of Education 407 College of Education 417

College of Education 421

College of Education 423 College of Education 427 Liberal Arts 109 Liberal Arts 114

Liberal Arts 116

Liberal Arts 203

Liberal Arts 205 Liberal Arts 206 Liberal Arts 208 Liberal Arts 300

Liberal Arts 302

Liberal Arts 304

Liberal Arts 309

Liberal Arts 311

Liberal Arts 313

Liberal Arts 315

Liberal Arts 430

Liberal Arts 432

Liberal Arts 434

Liberal Arts 436
Liberal Arts 512 Liberal Arts 527 Liberal Arts 529 Liberal Arts 612

Liberal Arts 625

Liberal Arts 627

Liberal Arts 629

Liberal Arts 712

Liberal Arts 716

Liberal Arts 721

Liberal Arts 723

Liberal Arts 725

Liberal Arts 727

Library 121

Library 131

Library 148

Library 152 Library 231 Library 302 PE 052

PE 054

PE 121

SUB 153

YSHB 032

YSHB 034

YSHB 037

YSHB 039

YSHB 101

YSHB 103

YSHB 104

YSHB 130

YSHB 132

YSHB 134

YSHB 142

YSHB 201

YSHB 202

YSHB 203 YSHB 232 YSHB 234 YSHB 241

YSHB Auditorium



City College



Health Sciences 101

Health Sciences 103

Health Sciences 107 Health Sciences 113 Health Sciences 117 (no camera)

Health Sciences 119 (no camera)

Health Sciences 219

Health Sciences 233 Tech Building B009 Tech Building B036

Tech Building B049

Tech Building B056

Tech Building B057    


Connected Classrooms without Touch Monitors Locations

City College - Health Sciences 105 City College - Health Sciences 133 City College - Tech Building B012 City College - Tech Building B024 City College - Tech Building B028

Glacier Room

SUB A&B    



Faculty Perspectives

"Use of the Connected Classroom has made the course accessible to student athletes while competing away from town, students caring for family members during the pandemic, and those with their own health risks or illness.  The ability to access the course when physically unable to be present has provided additional learning development and discussion between students and the instructor. Students have shared their appreciation for the accessibility and flexibility." Dr. Anna Talafuse, Assistant Professor, Marketing.

Dr. Anna Talafuse


"We would not be able to teach the Hyflex courses without the new technology of sound and camera links that have been set up in the College of Business.  Onsite and online students can now hear and see everything which provides for presentation or discussion just as if everyone was in the classroom." A.J. Otjen, Professor, Marketing.

Dr. A.J. Otjen