Thank you for visiting the website of the Mathematics Department at Montana State University Billings.  In this website, you can find information about all the programs we offer, and information about members of the department.  Our programs reflect the diversity of interests of our students and the increasingly diverse nature of the mathematical sciences.  Faculty members of our department are enthusiastic about engaging students in classroom and beyond. The department supports and conducts several activities that provide students opportunities to expand their math passion, knowledge, critical thinking skills, and curiosity.

two students cross the MSUB campus in early spring

Mathematics Department offers a variety of degrees and programs in order to meet the needs of students from all backgrounds and interests. Each program is designed with enough flexibility that allows students to explore the depth as well as breadth of mathematical concepts and applications.

Due to flexibility within each program and the regular offering of courses in the department, a student can complete each major or minor by starting as late as their Sophomore year. However we suggest you to talk with your advisor or department chair, Dr. Mark Jacobson, as soon as you identify math, math education, statistics, or computer science as one of your interests.

Following are the currently offered majors and minors in the department.

Program is reinstated as of
Fall 2023


The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics major is designed to prepare students for fields from technical to legal, from scientific to managerial, and from computational to philosophic. The program exposes students to the fundamentals of mathematics as well as gives them a solid mathematical foundation.

The program is designed to include students with a wide variety of goals, tastes, and backgrounds. It can accommodate students who want to explore the beauty of mathematics but whose plans after graduation may not be math related. Along with a major in mathematics, students will also choose a concentration in either data science or finance. This program is intended for students who want to pursue graduate studies and careers requiring a strong mathematical background.

Mathematics - B.S. Plan of Study


The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – Teaching Licensure (Single Subject Endorsement) major is designed to prepare students intending to teach Mathematics in Elementary, Secondary and High Schools. All students desiring licensure to teach are required to file an Application for Admission to the Educator Preparation Program.

The program aims to expose students to the fundamentals of mathematics as well as give them a solid foundation in pedagogical skills. The focus is in developing both classroom management skills and content-related skills in students as get ready to teach. In addition to core mathematics and education courses, the students in their last semester are placed a supervised field experience in a secondary setting that allows the student to demonstrate teaching skills in the classroom with a variety of learners. Students, in collaboration with the mentor teacher, engage students in learning and participate in related experiences associated with the teaching profession. On-site mentoring and university supervision are integral to this experience.

Mathematics - Teacher Licensure Plan of Study

The Math Teaching minor is leveraged by initial licensure education majors who wish to have added endorsement in mathematics. Given the number of practicing math teachers in the region who are not highly qualified, however, there is a great need for this program at the post-baccalaureate and graduate studies levels. These are the professionals for whom this program will be attractive: (1) a K – 8 licensed teacher who wishes to be endorsed and highly qualified in teaching middle-school math, or (2) a 5 – 12 licensed teacher with a non-math endorsement who wishes to be endorsed and highly qualified in teaching math.

The program is sensitive to the geographical concerns likely faced by the target demographic in that all coursework is online and scheduled throughout the year. Specifically, the program composition is designed to better meet the curricular needs of Montana teachers and students.

Mathematics - Teaching Minor Plan of Study