cisel hall

Cisel Hall houses the Department of Music complete with practice rooms and an acoustically sound Recital Hall. The recital hall primarily provides an intimate setting for campus and community concerts and student recital performances. The building also houses the offices for Upward Bound, Veterans Upward Bound, MSU Bozeman Extension Services, and the University of Montana's MBA program. See additional views of the Music Dept. facilities.

Yes - Entrance ramped on ground level
Yes - Automatic entrance doors
4 - Number of accessible floors
Yes - Stairs non-skid
Yes - Interior ramps available
P=Passenger, F=Freight; *=Braille labels
Yes^^ - Restroom designed for wheelchair
Yes - Entrance door width = 32"
Yes -  Wall accessories below 40"/A
n/a - Access to showers and tubs

^^Off ramp between new and old building