Women’s and Gender Studies supports programs and research which examine the status, expectations and achievements of women on a local, regional and national level. The program is also committed to working closely with community members to provide support, programs and resources related to women's health, career opportunities, elevating the image and self-esteem of women and advancing the status of women. Through close cooperation with faculty, staff, students and the larger community, women’s and gender studies is dedicated to promoting equality and social justice in all forms while focusing on the needs of women at MSU Billings and the community.

The program supports the end of all discrimination based on gender, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, race, sexuality and socioeconomic class. In support of these goals, the program promotes cooperation with faculty and students across campus as well as community members to share their concerns, experiences and expertise to promote equality through seminars, special speakers, panel discussions and referral services and works closely with faculty and students involved in the Women’s Studies minor.

Women's Studies Minor

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Work Study Opportunities

Work study position open for Fall 2020. Approximately 8 hours per week. Duties including administrative work and project planning for the center, developing projects with the community and supporting students. Contact us at wgsc@msubillings.edu.

During the spring semester (2020), the Women’s and Gender Studies Center will be open on Tuesday and Thursday from 10am – 3pm.

The Women’s and Gender Studies has shortened hours and limited programming for Spring 2020. The Director of the WGSC, Dr. Jen Lynn, is on sabbatical during the spring semester. She will begin working on Fall 2020 programming and events in August 2020. We will be back to our regular hours and a full semester of programming in Fall 2020! Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and announcements! 

All events are free and open to the campus and community. 

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