Institutional Research provides the following core services:

  • Comprehensive Institutional Research, including in-depth topical research and analysis
  • Required internal and external institutional reporting
  • Student course evaluation administration
  • Data application(Apex, Argos, Tableau) development and maintenance for analytical uses 
  • Third party software implementation and data support
  • MSUB Data Warehouse development, documentation and maintenance

Zach Delger

Data/Research Analyst

(406) 247-5709



Dennis Lordemann

Systems Integrator

(406) 247-5721



Darin Metcalfe

Data/Research Analyst

(406) 247-5715



Joann Stryker

Institutional Research Director

(406) 247-5752



Student Information

Fall Census - September 24, 2019

Spring Census  - February 5, 2020


Fall Surveys - Due October 16, 2019

Institutional Characteristics


12-month Enrollment

Winter Surveys - Due February 12, 2020

Student Financial Aid

Graduation Rates

200% Graduation Rates

Outcomes Measures

Spring Surveys - Due April 08, 2020

Fall Enrollment


Human Resources

Academic Libraries

MSUB faculty and staff are able to access standard MSUB reports via the Institutional Research box folder, login required.

MSUB faculty and staff are able to request ad hoc reports and assistance with data applications by emailing irdata@msubillings.edu.