Christopher CraigChristopher A. Craig, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Management, COB

A lifesaver—empowering, understanding, encouraging, yet firm is how one recipient of the Faculty Award for Exceptional Support of Students with Disabilities was described.

Students are at the heart of his efforts as an Assistant Professor of Management in the College of Business. He came to Montana State University Billings in 2016.

Christopher A. Craig, Ph.D. firmly believes in the abilities of all students and trusts them when they call for help.

His students first approach is evident as “Professor Craig bent over backward to accommodate my unique disability needs and stepped up as an academic mentor, providing me much needed support” shared one of his students.

Dr. Craig listens to his students, hearing their concerns, helping them find solutions, and providing accommodations for their disabilities. He gives students with disabilities the benefit of the doubt.

A crucial part of teaching is making sure students understand the course material and are successful learners. Dr. Craig embodies this philosophy, taking time for students and treating them with respect.

Students view Dr. Craig as a professor who is approachable, supportive, an open source of assistance, and someone who checks in on their progress.

“He treats each class like they are his first class of students, not his 100th,” a student commented. “His enthusiasm and concern for our learning are much appreciated, and I wish there were more like him.”