2017 Faculty Excellence Awards

Dr. Laura L. Tayer

Lecturer, Inorganic Chemistry

College of Arts & Sciences


MCIE Award for Support of Students with Disabilities



In her 21 years at Montana State University Billings, Dr. Laura Tayer has been driven to support all students.


It is for this dedication that Laura is one of this year’s recipients of the MCIE Faculty Award for Exceptional Support of Students with Disabilities.


“I really want to make sure that in the lab a disability doesn’t prevent learning,” Laura said.


She loves her chemistry lab classes because they allow both teacher and student to form a relationship.


“I really enjoy the contact I get to have with students,” she said. “The main purpose in the lab is really one on one. It’s very hands on with the students. I enjoy that so much more than lecturing with a sea of faces because often you don’t get to know the students.”


Students sang the inorganic chemistry lecturer’s praises for providing extra lectures and materials for those needing help.


“When I was in her class, I felt intelligent. She never second guessed my disability in her chemistry class,” a student said. “She incorporated her own videos of what to expect in the lab along with writing her own lab manual experiment book, and gave pre-lab lectures. My disability disappeared when I was in her class.”


This support gave the student a boost in confidence because she didn’t have to worry about her disability in Laura’s class.


Laura said the award is an honor.


“I was surprised about the award,” she said. “I try to support students with disabilities but I didn’t think I was doing any more than other faculty members do. We are all very open to accommodations.”