2017 Faculty Excellence Awards

Jenna Phillips, LCPC

Mental Health Counselor & Phoenix Center Coordinator


Dr. Tasneem Khaleel Award for Mentoring Young Female Professionals



Jenna Phillips, Phoenix Center Coordinator and Mental Health Counselor at MSUB, is being recognized for her contributions toward mentoring and advocating for the advancement of women and girls.


She is this year’s winner of the Tasneem Khaleel Award for Mentoring Young Professional Women.


Jenna’s work reflects the nature of the award, given to an individual who endeavors to provide support, programs or resources related to women and education, career opportunities, women’s health, elevating the image and self-esteem of women and promoting gender equality.


“Jenna continues to work tirelessly to create programming and resources for the Phoenix Center and raise awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence,” a colleague said.


“As well as providing a 24-7 hotline for victims of sexual assault, she has organized a number of events on campus.”


Jenna’s leadership has been instrumental in the Phoenix Center coordinating with the Women’s and Gender Studies Center to create an “Empowerment Quilt,” which honors survivors.


Additionally, the Center was involved in what will likely be the fi rst annual One in Five Film Festival and the screening of “The Hunting Ground.”


Jenna, who has worked at MSUB since 2015 is also a new member of the Women’s Studies Advisory Board. She has also worked to build inroads with community groups to advocate for survivors.


“Getting this award, I had to take a step back and reflect on the important work we do on campus,” Jenna said. “I see an array of survivors for mental health counseling and when I’m working with women, I explore how women are often put into small boxes by society and I use that in my sessions.”


For Jenna, it’s all about supporting and fighting for those that need it.