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Billings SD #2 Teacher Application Guidelines

UPDATED March 2012


Professionals at Billings School District #2 offer these strategies for a successful job search.  All applications are now online ONLY, and paper applications are no longer accepted. 

Applicants create an online pre-employment file and upload all documents:  letters of recommendation, résumé, application letter, transcript, and license (when it's available).  

Licensed applicants who had a paper application form on file in Human Resources must now complete the online application in order to be considered for any open position.
      1. Visit the HR website for vacancy announcements:  

        The district posts vacancies only on its own website (not on OPI site).  Go to and click on Employment. Follow instructions carefully!


      Type of Posting Includes
      Licensed Teachers, counselors, school psychologists
      Professional Social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists
      Support Instructional Paraprofessional, LPN, special needs assistant, secretaries, custodians
      Administrative Principals, directors
      Substitute Teachers Substitute teachers
      Substitute Support Substitute support


      1. Follow application instructions and plan ahead to meet the deadlines.
        Remember, the application gets you an interview, and an interview gets you the job. Everything must be perfect, with no errors.
      2. Be sure your application for MT teaching license is in progress; call Office of Public Instruction (406-444-3150) or check
      3. Administrators review the applicant files and select those to be interviewed.
        An interview team of administrators, teachers and other staff asks standard questions of all candidates and ranks their responses. Since past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, most questions ask you to discuss a lesson plan, talk about a conflict, or “describe a time when…”
      4. Rehearse your answers to questions.
        Focus on classroom management. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and positive attitude!
      5. Expand your capabilities and your visibility.
        • Try subbing in every subject area at every school in town.
        • Get experience in a wide variety of schools and settings because different schools have different clientele. Wide experience makes you more employable.
        • Note that unsolicited contact with Billings SD #2 employees other than those in the Department of Human Resources Services may disqualify you from consideration for employment.
        • Dress and act professionally at all times because in every school you’re being evaluated by a lot of people, many of whom may remember you.
        • Secure positive letters of recommendation, especially those from the building principal and mentor teacher who observed your student teaching experience.

      Also consider applying at other districts in Yellowstone County.  


      Individuals with disabilities who require accommodations may review Policies & Procedures.