Advising & Career Services

Student Advocates

Career Services has a unique opportunity for 6-8 Student Advocates who are selected based on their interest, qualifications, and College enrollment.  Membership of CSSA also includes the ASMSU Billings President and the Employer Co-Chair of Career Services' Employer Advisory Board.


Career Services Student Advocates (CSSA) are enthusiastic students who promote Career Services and work with their peers, helping them to develop successful career strategies.


Do you want to:

  • Earn scholarships by becoming an outstanding CS Student Advocate?

  • Develop leadership & communication skills?

  • Meet & network with employers to jump-start an internship or job?

  • Enhance your résumé?

  • Get involved and meet new people on campus?
  • Win prizes & eat free food?

Would you like to know more about CSSA? Stop by LIB 100 on the 4th Friday of any month from 12:30 to 1:30 and get involved!


Participant Benefits

  1. Get involved in campus career activities
  2. Enhance résumé
  3. Be recognized on the web and on bulletin boards
  4. Register for 1 credit in A&SC 295; OPTIONAL
    (To receive 1 credit, the student must commit to working 45 hours per semester.)
  5. Take free career assessments: Self-Directed Search & Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  6. Be part of the Career Services team
  7. Work with the Employer Advisory Board members
  8. Receive a letter of recommendation at the end of academic year

Participant Role

CSSA members help to get fellow students involved in their career development, and serve as student advisors to Career Services by:

  1. Identifying unmet student needs and methods of delivering Career Services' message.
  2. Helping to execute Career Services' mission through activities such as Info Tables, Class Presentations, Career Fair and other special events.
  3. Promoting the use of Career Services by students.

Participant Requirements

  1. Be outgoing & an excellent communicator
  2. Be able to work well with others
  3. Hold minimum 2.5 GPA
  4. Be enrolled as full-time student
  5. Demonstrate willingness and ability to participate in the following:
    - Welcome Week
    - Class presentations
    - Info tables
    - Workshops and other Career Services events
    - Grad Survey phoning
    - Career/Teacher Fairs
    - Co-Op Ed Student of the Year Luncheon
    - Meetings
    - Scheduled weekly office time - 1 hour per week (flexible)

Call 657-1717 for details or to apply.


Individuals with disabilities who require accommodations may review Policies & Procedures.