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Level  2

Level 1

DESCRIPTION Does it Allow Data Entry? STATUS A=Active
528032 Nursing Fee Y A
528034 Physical Therapy Y A
528035 MBA-Billings Y A
52835 MEA Computer Fee Y A
528400 Activity Fees Y A
52841 Student Activity Fee Y A
52842 Intermurals Y A
52843 Bus Fee Y A
52844 Student Government Fee Y A
52845 Activity Fee Allocations Y A
528401 Athletic Fees Y A
528402 Computer Fees Y A
528403 Equipment Fees Y A
528404 Network Service Fee Y A
528405 Basic Building Fees Y A
528406 Non-Resident Building Fee Y A
528407 Academic Facilities/Building Fees Y A
52846 Facility Use Y A
52847 PE Building Fee Y A
52850 Gym Building Fee Y A
528408 Student Union Building Fees Y A
52848 Student Union Building Fee Y A
52849 Health Service Building Fee Y A
528409 Student Health Service Fees Y A
5A8409 Student Health Service Fees-Sum Y A
5B8409 Student Health Service Fees-Fall Y A
5C8409 Student Health Service Fees-Spr Y A
5D8409 Student Health Service Fees-Oth Y A
528410 Campus Recreation Y A
528415 Network Service Fee Subsidy Y A
528599 Other Mandatory Fee Y A
52859 Instructional Material Fee City College Y A
528600 Continuing Education Y A
52860 Continuing Education Courses Y A
52861 Extension Courses Y A
52862 Workshops and Conferences Y A
528601 Course Fees Y A
52870 Audit Fee Y A
52871 Class Fee Y A
52872 Course Lab Fee Y A
52873 Field Trips Y A
52874 Supplies/Materials Fee Y A
52875 Special Courses Y A
528602 Student Services Fees Y A
52821 CLEP Fee Y A
52822 Testing Fee Y A
52823 Set-up Fee Y A
52824 Career Assessment Fee Y A
52825 Student E-Mail Account Y A
52826 Remedial Reading Fee Y A
528799 Other Designated Fees Y A
52880 Graduation Fee Y A
52882 Installment Contract Fee Y A
52883 Installment Contract Late Fee Y A
52884 Late Registration Fee Y A
52885 Miscellaneous Fee Y A
52889 Transcript Fee Y A
52890 Diploma Replacement Fee Y A
52891 Library Fee Y A
52892 Library Assessments Y A
52893 Annual Fee Y A
52896 Special Attendance Y A
5FEE Total Fees N A
5MAN Total Mandatory Fees N A