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Customized Training


The Workforce Training Center at City College at Montana State University Billings will develop and deliver customized training for your company or organization. For groups of 10 or more, we will bring our courses and short-term training to you on-site, utilizing your facility or our mobile training labs. Delivery of training on-site saves time and money for your business. We have delivered current courses, developed customized solutions, and offered nationally recognized certificates and credentials to regional industry. A few of the companies that we have worked with include: ExxonMobil – Billings Refinery, ConocoPhillips – Billings Refinery, PPL Montana, Lockwood Fire Department, Montana Safety Services Council, and Yellowstone County Implement. 


If you are interested in on-site training or customized training, please contact our office for course information, scheduling, pricing, and additional information at (406) 247-3055.

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