Story idea?

 If you have a story idea that you believe deserves an audience, call 657-2269 or email Before you do, here is some information that can help you help us tell the story most effectively. First, determine what kind of story you have, and whether you think it warrants an internal and/or external audience.

The essentials:
Having the following elements determined prior to your first contact with URC is helpful:

  • Who is the central person/people involved in the story? Background information on main participants, speakers, etc.?
  • What is the crux of the story? Are you publishing a research paper in a journal? Launching a new project? Getting an award? Know a student that is working on an interesting project or working a cool internship? Details please!
  • When is/has the event, story taking place?
  • Where is this taking place?
  • And, Why? What is the news worthiness of this story? Why/how will it resonate with others?

Want to publicize an event?

Are you or your group hoping to promote an event you are organizing and/or hosting? First, determine whether your event needs to be publicized on just to the campus community or to the Billings community as well. Is the event open to the public? Not all campus events draw an audience beyond the MSUB community. A press release can be helpful for certain events with a broad appeal, but not all events warrant notification to the media.

To promote your event on campus, submit your event to the MSUB Calendar:

Once you’ve submitted your event to the calendar and booked your space in our Event Management System, submit your event to University Relations and Communications for a campus email announcement. If your event is open to all of campus (Faculty & Staff), URC will generate an email announcement including the calendar link.