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Editorial Style Guidelines

University Relations and Communications created the University Editorial Style Guidelines with the goal of providing a handy reference for points of news communication style specific to MSU Billings and the region.

The list of rules and usages we have included is not intended to be a substitute for rules of usage and spelling found in “The Chicago Manual of Style” (for non-news communications).

“The Associated Press Stylebook” is used for institutional news communications and Web sites— items that university communicators uses every day, ensuring MSU Billings titles, locations, departments, etc., are used in a consistent manner in all university communications.


Social Media Guideline

Whether you’re a faculty member using social media as a part of the learning experience or a staff member who’s been charged with the exciting task of growing a social media presence for a college or an administrative unit, MSUB provides guidelines that will be helpful in navigating the quickly evolving world of social technologies.

Social Media Registration

Thank you for your interest in creating an officially recognized social media page with Montana State University Billings. Although each unit operates its own social media outlets, all official MSU Billings social media accounts are a voice for the university. A central database compiled by University Relations and Communications, in conjunction with Information Technology, ensures continuity in social media. To become an officially recognized page, please complete one of the following documents below. 

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