May 9, 2019


Cody Walters

MSU Billings student receives Goldwater Scholarship 

Cody Walters is the second-ever winner from MSUB



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MSU BILLINGS NEWS — Cody Walters, Psychology and Biology student at Montana State University Billings, was recently awarded a Goldwater Scholarship from the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation. Walters is the second-ever Goldwater Scholarship recipient from MSU Billings. 

Cody WaltersThe Barry Goldwater Scholarship works to aid students who are pursuing careers in the fields of mathematics, engineering, and the natural sciences who are planning careers in research. Established in 1986, the scholarship rewards scholars based on future plans and potential for significant contribution in their chosen field. 

Open to college sophomores and juniors, the scholarship provides up to $7,500 a year to help cover tuition, books, room/board, and other fees.

A junior at MSUB who is double majoring in Psychology and Biology with a minor in Chemistry, Walters is dedicated to making his mark on neuroscience. Under the direction of several mentors, he has furthered his passion for research while exemplifying MSUB’s highest standards.
His current research focuses on neurological diseases and discovering improved treatment methods, specifically for brain damage patients, a passion that sparked from his father’s lengthy recovery from a stroke.

His mentors, Lynn George, Ph.D., David Butler, Ph.D., Matt Queen, Ph.D., and Steven Wiles, Ph.D., have been instrumental in Walter’s higher education and research experiences. Having knowledgeable research mentors at MSUB has allowed Walters to become a national-quality science major with a bright future ahead. Each of these mentors have worked tirelessly in guiding his research and assisting with his application.

Serving as a supplemental instructor, working 30 hours a week, and joining George’s neuroscience research group are just three of the many activities that Walters has taken on, all while attending classes at MSUB.

“Cody is a unique student. I think his life experiences have given him a perspective and drive that many students lack. He has a higher academic standard than any other student that I have had the privilege of working with,” shares George. “Moreover, Cody is not satisfied with memorizing information for the sake of performing well on an exam. In both my lab and the classroom, he consistently makes a clear effort to understand the conceptual underpinnings of the subject at hand. He is genuinely passionate about achieving a deeper understanding of science and the world around him.”

David Craig, University Honors Program Director, also aided Walters during his preparation and application process. “Cody’s Goldwater Scholarship results from the combination of his passion and potential and the guidance of his mentors, especially Dr. Lynn George and Dr. David Butler, on their familial dysautonomia research,” says Craig.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, 496 college students from across the United States were selected as Goldwater Scholarship recipients. This award is highly competitive, as Walters was selected from a pool of over 5,000 college students.

“Students like Cody are rare. Intense work ethic and intellectual curiosity are not often found in the same package, especially in someone like Cody that is incredibly organized and disciplined,” shares professor of Analytical Chemistry Matt Queen, Ph.D. “In addition to being a born leader, I really think Cody’s traits lead to him being a born researcher. When students like Cody come along, I think it is our moral obligation as educators to support them academically, personally, and financially.”

Walters plans to obtain an M.D. or Ph.D. in neuroscience after graduating from MSUB. These degrees will allow him to continue his research on neurological diseases and work to discover therapeutic solutions to improve patient treatment.

“I have no doubt that my experiences at MSUB have prepared me for my next goal of attaining a M.D./Ph.D. in Neuroscience,” said Walters, “and that completion of my graduate degree will allow me to achieve my professional aspirations to treat neurological diseases.”

For more information about the Goldwater Scholarship, visit their website.

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