Mandatory Reporting

All faculty and staff, including student employees (i.e. Resident Assistants), are mandatory reporters. Confidential resources on MSUB’s campus include the Phoenix Center, counseling staff in Student Health Services and trained violence prevention advocates. If a student discloses any information regarding interpersonal violence, employees must report all information to the Title IX coordinator. The Office of Civil Rights believes that reporting all information to Title IX provides the opportunity for the university to assist students with resources of support.

We Encourage

Every professor to add Title IX resources and reporting options for students regarding interpersonal violence on their class syllabus.

If a Student Begins to Disclose (example)

Student: “I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately. I can’t seem to get it together after what happened last weekend…”

Faculty/Staff: “I want to thank you for feeling comfortable sharing what you are going through. Before you continue, I must inform you that I am a mandated reporter and I will have to inform the Title IX Coordinator about everything you disclose. If MSUB determines that an investigation is appropriate, it is up to YOU whether you would like to move forward and cooperate with Title IX.”

Student: “Ok. I feel comfortable telling you.”

Whom to Contact

flow chart showing student disclosing to faculty, staff, counselor or student employee who then report to the Title IX coordinator or Phoenix Center helpline

See Something Say Something

Faculty and staff also have the option to file a report regarding a student on MSUB’s webpage titled “See Something, Say Something.” Reasons to make this report:

  • Student behavior violates MSUB’s Code of Student Conduct
  • Student behavior is disruptive in class
  • Faculty/staff have concerns about student behavior (safety)
  • Academic misconduct violation