Montana State University Billings is committed to ensuring that all students, regardless of their background or identity, have access to a quality learning experience and the opportunity to pursue their academic goals in a safe and supportive learning environment. As such, MSUB’s Phoenix Center is actively committed to reducing and eradicating the incidences of interpersonal violence, providing primary prevention education, and offering appropriate support to survivors when an act of violence occurs.

We believe:

  • That sexual violence is not just a women’s issue
  • That sexual violence can be prevented
  • Men too, are raped
  • We believe in providing inclusive care for: All MSUB students, online students, commuter students, non-traditional students, international students, LGBTQIA, and men.
  • We believe in creating a culture of care
  • We believe in providing a safe space for survivors to heal

Phoenix Center Services

A safe a confidential space for healing

The Phoenix Center is located in Student Health Services on the second floor of Petro Hall. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8-5pm by appointment, walk-in or by calling the Phoenix Center help-line. The help-line can be utilized 24-7. The goal of advocacy services is to support and help empower survivors by providing information, tools, and resources during their time of healing. Advocates are trained to recognize the different types of symptoms that survivors may experience.

Crisis counseling

Typically this occurs moments, hours or a few days after the abuse occurs. The Phoenix Center helps to address feelings of distress, create a safety plan and make accommodations if necessary.

Medical Accompaniment

Every student has the right to have an advocate present during a sexual assault nursing examination (SANE) exam. Undergoing a medical examination, especially one as extensive and sometimes intrusive as a rape kit, can be very difficult. An advocate from the Phoenix Center or the Billings YWCA can be present during the exam. The advocate is there to assist with questions, concerns, emotional support and follow-up care.

Academic Assistance

After a traumatic event occurs, it may be difficult to navigate other aspects of our lives. If you find you are having trouble attending class, or completing assignments, please consult with the Phoenix Center. We work to assist you with appropriate accommodations specific to your need (e.g. extra time for tests or assignments, or completing coursework online instead of in classroom). The purpose of the academic intervention is to facilitate recovery for the student with minimal negative impact on their academic achievement.

The Phoenix Center never discloses confidential information when making academic accommodations. We simply bridge the gap between you and your professor, explaining that an accommodation is necessary. At this point, an open conversation between you and your professor will occur to decide appropriate deadlines and make up test dates to satisfy both of your needs.

Resources and Referrals

The Phoenix Center has many close partnerships with the community. We often utilize the Billings YWCA, Angela’s Piazza and the Billings Clinic for assistance. An advocate can accompany you to appointments with these organizations.

Legal Assistance

Depending on the nature of the legal process, an advocate is available to assist survivors. Typically, if the legal process is beyond an order of protection for MSUB’s campus, the Phoenix Center assists the survivor with utilizing services through the Billings YWCA.

An advocate can accompany you in making a police report, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. If the report does not fall under this timeline, the Phoenix Center will utilize the Billings YWCA for further assistance.

An advocate is also available to accompany a student survivor to any Title IX procedures and hearings.

Phoenix Center Allies

An ally is a person or a group of individuals who believe in and support the mission of the Phoenix Center. If you or a group of individuals (on or off campus) would like to be listed as an ally, please contact the Phoenix Center Coordinator for additional training 406-657-2196.

  • MSUB Women’s and Gender Studies Center
  • MSUB Student Health Services
  • Billings YWCA
  • Angela’s Piazza
  • Billings Clinic, SANE (sexual assault nurses examination)
  • MSUB University Police Department
  • DSVS of Red Lodge

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How to get involved

Follow the MSUB Phoenix Center on Facebook! We regularly post about upcoming events and current affairs relating to interpersonal violence.

We encourage you to attend Phoenix Center events or request a training from our office!