Q:What happens when I call the Phoenix Center helpline?

A: You will be connected with a confidential advocate who can answer questions or concerns you may have. You are not required to give any identifying information over the phone. The Phoenix Center helpline will never return your call without your permission. This is due to safety concerns. A log of the call will however be made in order to best serve survivors. The information will be kept confidential and can only be viewed by Phoenix Center advocates. The records are protected by the Montana Advocacy Privilege Law. Therefore, we have confidential but not anonymous records.

Q: Who can call the Phoenix Center?

A: All MSUB students, faculty and staff. This includes students who are distance learners and students who live on or off campus. Secondary survivors such as family members, friends, or any individuals concerned about a survivor are encouraged to utilize the help-line.

Q: Where is the Phoenix Center located?

A: The Phoenix Center is located in Student Health Services, second floor of Petro Hall on University Campus. We also have a location at City College, second floor of the Tech Building. An appointment is not necessary.

Q: I was just sexually assaulted. What do I do? Who can I tell?

A: First, we ask that you find safety. If you are hurt, we encourage you to seek medical care. Billings Clinic offers the only FREE SANE (sexual assault nurses examination) in the Billings area. If you would like to speak with someone regarding reporting options, please call the confidential Phoenix Center helpline.

Q: When should I call the Phoenix Center?

A: Anytime. Between the hours of 8am-5pm, an MSUB advocate is available to answer the help-line. After hours consist of 5:01pm- 7:59am Monday through Friday and including weekends. Callers are presented with options during the help-line’s after hours such as speaking with an advocate from the Billings YWCA.

Q: Can I use the Phoenix Center if my assault happened a long time ago?

A: Yes. Student Health Services offers crisis and short-term counseling for those working through past or current trauma. If a student needs long term care, counselors have community referrals available.

Q: Can I use the Phoenix Center as a distance learner?

A: Yes. You can utilize the 24-7 helpline for any assistance that you may need. When appropriate, the Phoenix Center will connect you with local resources in your area.

Q: What if my assault happened off campus?

A: Most interpersonal violence occurs off campus. You are still encouraged to use Phoenix Center services for assistance.

Q: I am in an abusive relationship and feel stuck. Can the Phoenix Center help with my safety planning?

A: Yes. Advocates are available through the Phoenix Center to assist with safety planning. This can include helping with moving costs, filing no contact orders, and appropriate community referrals.

Q: Do I have to get a SANE (sexual assault nursing exam) done by myself?

A: No. You have the option of having an MSUB advocate present at your SANE exam. The advocate is there to help assist with comfort and questions.

Q: Will you notify my friends and/or family if I use the Phoenix Center services?

A: No. All records and personal information are kept confidential unless the survivor approves otherwise. A survivor must sign a release of information (ROI) allowing the Phoenix Center to share any information to a third party.