Introduction and Background

McMullen Hall on the MSUB university campus
Montana State University Billings began the strategic planning process during the fall of 2018 and the spring of 2019. Chancellor Dan Edelman created the Strategic Planning Committee in the fall of 2018 to execute this plan and appointed David Powell and Chase Greenfield to co-coordinate the project with direction from Provost Melinda Arnold.

Based on input from the university, sessions with a facilitator, the Chancellor’s first-year goals, the MSU and MUS strategic plans, and other documents, the leadership team has established four guiding themes and five core objectives. A committee consisting of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members developed and refined each objective throughout the spring semester of 2019. Over the summer, the co-project coordinators, with direction from the cabinet, modified and finalized the action plans for each sub-objective. The process, as of fall 2019 has moved into the implementation of our strategic objectives.

Process Outcomes

The Strategic Planning Committee will produce a recommended Strategic Plan for the university, which has been reviewed and approved by the Chancellor and the cabinet.

The plan will be guided by a revised mission and vision statement for the university. The plan details four core themes, which capture the focus areas for the future direction of MSUB. Those core themes are supported by five strategic objectives.

Sub-objectives and action plans for implementation of these objectives underlie the objectives to actualize the distinguished priorities. Finally, each sub-objective has a metric for evaluation to assess the university’s progress in achieving its objectives.

The comprehensive Strategic Plan is also accompanied by a one-page summary of key objectives and outcomes. The Strategic plan will be tracked by a project plan, which will measure and assess the progress on each objective and its components parts and a scorecard of metrics updated monthly.

Finalized Items