TRIO Student Support Services refers students to campus and community partners to support their needs inside and outside of the classroom, following our Mission & Vision of advocacy, collaboration, and individual growth.

Campus Resources

Disability Support Services: Provides access and accommodations to students with disabilities.

Vice Chancellor of Student Access and Success: Provides support for students by cultivating an inclusive social and educational environment that enhances active student learning, engagement, development, and success.

Academic Support Center: Academic services & tutoring

Student Resolution Officer: Assists and advocates for students with academic and non-academic questions and concerns.

Registrar's Office: Provides general information on policies and requirements, as well as college records and transcripts.

Advising: Assists with new, transfer, and returning students at MSUB.

Campus Store: Lists required textbooks for courses and has other supplies and snacks on hand.

MSUB Dining Services: Get a meal plan for on-campus dining options at both University and City College campuses.

Yellowjacket Emergency Pantry (YEP): Currently offers free food, hygiene, school supplies, and limited clothing items to all students, staff, and faculty members at Montana State University Billings and City College.

Diversity Center: Promotes a diverse and inclusive campus so students/faculty/staff/alumni feel connected, respected, and valued.

Native American Achievement Center: Recruits and retains American Indian students; providing academic, social and emotional support to help American Indian students connect and be successful at MSUB.

Phoenix Center: 24-hour help line, resources for survivors of sexual violence, strives to create campus free of oppression and gender biases.

Campus Police: Parking permits and tickets, as well as general legal issues and escorts to vehicles.

Call EMERGENCY: 657-2222

Call Non-Emergency: 657-2147

Business Services: For information about campus forms, general information, student account information, travel, accounts payable, printing and mailing services, purchasing, cash management, policies and procedure, and staff training.

Career & Employment Services: Assists MSUB students with finding jobs and internships as well as starting their career after college.

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid: Apply for student loans, Pell grants, and work study funds here.

Financial Aid & Scholarships: Assists students with student loans, work study, scholarships, and grants.

Financial Services: Assists students with paying bills and getting refunds.

National Student Loan Data System: Retrieve your student loan information here.

Student Health Services: On-campus health care and mental services.

Phoenix Center: 24-hour help line, resources for survivors of sexual violence, strives to create campus free of oppression and gender biases.

Housing & Residence Life: On-campus housing located at the University campus of MSU Billings. Both students attending at University campus and City College campus are eligible to apply for housing in the residence halls.

Associated Students of MSU Billings: Student government organization for both University and City College campuses.

Center for Engagement: Connects students, staff/faculty, and alumni with student organizations, events and community-based activities that enable you to achieve your academic, career, and personal goals.

Information Technology: Assists students with computer and technology issues.

Military and Veterans Success Center: Provides transition guidance and academic support as well as advocates for the educational success of all veterans, veteran's spouses, and military-affiliated students on campus.

Veterans Upward Bound: A free statewide program of instruction and support services for veterans making a career change or preparing to enter or re-enter college located on the University campus of MSUB.

Community Resources

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