Instructions for Students

Student Web Login Page

Web options will be available from 7 AM to Midnight daily, except on Thursdays when Web options close at 5 PM.  Each 3rd Saturday of the month the system is down for preventative maintenance.

Web Registration will automatically log you out after 15 minutes of non-activity.   You have 5 tries to login correctly.  If unsuccessful, your PIN will be disabled.  You must contact the Admissions and Records Office to re-activate your PIN.  Please change your PIN when you first login to protect your records.

1. University Home Page

  • Click on Web Login/Registration on Home Page
  • Click Login to Secure Area
  • Enter your Social Security Number in the User ID box
  • Enter your PIN - 6 digit number (Your birth date or your own 6 digit number).
  • Press Login button
  • Verify login by re-entering your PIN in box
  • Press Login

2. Main Menu

  • Select StudentSERVICES & FINANCIAL AID to register for classes
  • Select Personal Information to view address and phone information and to change your PIN
  • To return to previous menu, click menu button at upper right corner of screen
  • To Exit at any time, click exit button at upper right corner of screen

3. Student Services Menu

  • Select Student Records to view Holds, Account Summary, Transcripts (when available)
  • Select Registration to register for classes Select
  • Select Add/Drop Classes
  • Select TERM you are registering for classes
  • Add/Drop Classes:
  • Press Class Search button (bottom of screen)
  • Look-Up Classes to Add:
  • Scroll through SUBJECT box. Select desired Subject. Enter Course number if known to limit search
  • Press FIND CLASSES button. List of classes is displayed.
    Note: C in first column identifies Closed class
  • Select class desired by clicking in box by CRN (Course Reference Number)
  • Press Register button
  • Continue Class Search to select desired classes
  • Press SUBMIT CHANGES button when all classes are selected
  • Current Schedule is displayed
  • To Add a class, enter the CRN in the ADD CLASS table
  • To Drop a class, select **Web Drop** option in the Action field on schedule
  • Press SUBMIT CHANGES button to save your registration
  • Press menu button at upper right corner of screen to return to previous menu
  • Select Student Schedule by Day & Time OR Student Detail Schedule to view and print current schedule
  • To print, press PRINT on Icon Bar
  • Press menu at upper right corner of screen

4.  Personal Information Menu

  • Address and phone changes are to be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office. You may email your changes by clicking on the Help button in the upper right corner. Click on the link to begin the email process.

  • Change PIN:Enter Old PIN and your new PIN. Then enter your new PIN in the Verification field. Remember your PIN must be numeric and 6 digits. Press the Change PIN Number button when finished.

5.  EXIT

  • Press EXIT button at the upper right corner

To protect your privacy, please close your browser when finished

Questions? Send e-mail to: Registrar