About Me

Let me tell you a few things...

John Doe


I grew up in Hilo, Hawaii where I graduated from Hilo High School. After briefly attending the Illinois Institute of Technology for a few years, I took a break from school and worked various odd jobs in Chicago for a few more years. Afterwards, I returned to Hilo where I graduated with a Mathematics degree from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. After that I attended the University of Montana for graduate school where I earned a Doctorate in Mathematics. I held the position of Assistant Professor at Newberry College in South Carolina for three years before returning to Montana and joining the faculty of MSUB in 2017!

As a MSUB Faculty, I've been focused on crafting deep and meaningful learning experiences for students. I'm an advocate of the implementation of High Impact Practices (HIPs) into courses, in particular first year courses. Additionally, I've developed asynchronous inquiry experiences for working, online and distance learners, and implemented Standards Based Grading to foster a learning environment less focused on high stakes examination and more on learning. I'm is the e-Learning Fellow for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, A Montana Regents Teaching-Scholar, a Winston & Helen Cox Fellow and Pippenger Award Winner. I am a coorganizer for the online TMWYF colloquium, an associate editor for the Journal of Math Circles, and program coordinator for SIGMAA-MCST.

Curriculum Vitae


I enjoy teaching courses across the Mathematics curriculum, where I focus on crafting student centered learning experiences where student's can be active participants in, and take ownership of, their own learning.


My primary research area is Algebraic and Categorical Graph Theory. I'm engaged in a fun project examining discrete homotopy of graphs. I'vr written some expository papers, and recently begun engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning Mathematics.

Undergraduate Research

I'm a huge proponent of student-centered experiences and in particular Undergraduate Research. I've supervised several student projects in the past, and have recieved the CURM mini-grant to support student research. I'm always looking for students curious about math to supervise their own original work!

Technology and Education

Modern educational technology has unprecedented ability to shape the delivery and assesment of course concepts and contents. I regularly utilize Desmos, GeoGebra, Sage, R etc. to illustrate ideas and concepts in the classroom. As an OER advocate, I'm an author of WebWork and CheckIt assesments, and a #PreTeXtGang author, crafting free interactive OER's for student use.

Mathematics Outreach

I founded and run the MSUB Math Circle, an afterschool outreach activity that focuses on novel topics, creativity and collaboration. This Circle has been supported by the MAA DMEG, and the MC-MAP program. Students from grades 4-8, parents and teachers are welcome!


Dr. Chih has a lovely wife, and two wonderful sons. He enjoys cooking and gardening. Since moving to Billings he's been enjoying biking as well.