How To Import Questions Using Respondus

Respondus is a software program that allows instructors to import questions from a Word Document into D2L. I've found that plain text files (*.txt) work the best. For information about what the fsormat of your document, please the Standard Format for Importing Questions document. If you do not have Respondus installed on your computer, please contact the IT Helpdesk ( For more information on how to use Respondus, please see the Respondus User Guide.

Once Repondus is installed and you have a document in the standard format, here's how you import the questions:

  1. Once you open up Respondus, you will want to make sure the behavior is set to "Desire2Learn," then click on the "Import Questions" button.

    Respondus Import Questions Button

  2. Choose the type of document you are using, Word or Text, then click on the "Browse" button to find your document.

    Respondus Document Type

  3. Next, you'll want to give your Respondus document a name.

    Respondus Document Name

  4. Click on Preview. Towards the bottom of the box, you should see your questions and below your questions, it will tell you if there are any problems with your file, e.g. missing questions. If there are problem, you'll need to go back and edit your text or Word file. If there are no problems, click "Finish."

    Respondus Document

  5. Now, if you choose, you may edit your questions here in Respondus by clicking on the button associated with the question. Once your questions are set, click on the "Preview and Publish" tab.

    Respondus Document

  6. Here, you'll want to make sure you have "Publish" selected from the tabs at the left, and then click on the "Publish Wizard" button.

    Respondus Publish

  7. In the popup that appears, choose the "Export QTI XML for manual upload to Desire2Learn" option and click "Next."

    Respondus Publish Wizard

  8. Finally, click the "Save As" button to give your quiz a name and to choose where on your computer you will save this quiz package so that you can upload it to your D2L course.

    Respondus Publish Wizard, saving the file

After you have your quiz package, you can close out of Respondus. The next step is to import the package into your D2L course. If you log into D2L and go into your course, click on "Edit Course" in the NavBar. Under "Edit Course" choose "Import/Export/Copy Components" and choose the third option, "Import Components" to "Import from a File."

If you have any questions, please contact Media Services in Information Technology at