Desire2Learn - Creating Release Conditions

One thing that is possible inside Desire2Learn is to set up release conditions. What a release condition does is set up a condition a student must meet in order to see something. For example, you can set up a release condition so that students must complete their student evaluations before they can see your final exam, or the dropbox for their final projects.

It is possible to set up a release condition on your final exam using the following steps (the process for a dropbox is identical):

  1. Edit the Final under "Quizzes" (or "Dropbox" if it is a dropbox), and click on the "Restrictions" tab. Under the "Additional Release Conditions", click on "Create and Attach".

    Restrictions Tab

  2. A pop-up box will appear, in this pop-up box, click on the "Condition Type" dropdown. In the dropdown, under "Surveys", select "Completed Survey Attempt".

    Select The Condition Type

  3. Now click on the "Survey:" dropdown that now appears and select the survey you want the students to take. For example, the Assessment of Faculty Teaching survey.

    Select The Survey

  4. For the Assessment of Faculty Teaching survey, one attempt is fine. Click "Create" to create the condition.

    Create The Condition

  5. If you elect to set a condition, please be sure that your students are aware of it. For example, if you set a condition so that student have to complete the Assessment of Faculty Teaching survey before they can access their final, please make sure your students know.

If you have an questions, please contact E-Learning Operations.