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Student Tips o' the Week 


By popular demand! It has been requested that we archive and make available faculty tips o' the week. These tips, initially placed in the the Faculty Tip o' the Week widget on your D2L home page, are now available right here. Keep your eye out for fresh weekly tips on D2L.


How to Set up Instant Notifications

Forwarding Your D2L Email

Quiz and Exam Tips

Who to Contact for Help

D2L on your Mobile with Brightspace Pulse

Downloading Content for Easier Viewing



How to Set Up Instant Notifications


Instant notifications let you know when there is new content or a grade via e-mail or text message. Check out the video below for instructions!



Forwarding Your D2L Email


If you would like to use another email address for D2L email messages, you can forward them with these steps:

  • Click your name in the upper-right, choose Account Settings, and go to the Email Tab
  • Check "Forward incoming messages..." and enter the email you would like to use
  • Check "Forward and mark read" (this will make sure you have a backup copy) and click Save

Quiz and Exam Tips


Before taking an important test, there are a few steps you can take to make sure it goes smoothly in D2L. There are also some simple steps you can try right-away if you run into trouble:

  • Take the quiz from a stationary, reliable connection. Avoid taking tests while in-transit and try to use the most reliable method of connecting. Usually a wired connection is the most reliable, followed by home wireless, and least is cellular data. Either way, use whichever one works the best!
  • Have a backup device ready. If available, keep a second device (like a smartphone) nearby pointed to the D2L Login page. If something happens to the first device, log in on the backup and immediately reenter the quiz.
  • Switch browsers. If you have more than one browser and the first stops working, open the second one and immediately reenter the quiz. Leave the first one open if possible, you may need to take note of any unsaved responses to reenter them.


 Who to Contact for Help


Contacting the right party from the beginning will get help faster, here's a brief list of who to talk to:


  • For Issues Inside D2L: if you have a problem after logging in to D2L, contact eLearning at or 406 657 2192
  • For Issues Outside of D2L: If you can't log in or have another issue outside of D2L, contact our IT Helpdesk at or 406 247 5755
  • For Issues with myInfo: contact Admissions and Records at 406 657 2158 


Final Grades in MyInfo


Your final grades in your courses are stored outside D2L in MyInfo and will be available after finals week. Here's how to view them :

  • Log in to myInfo using your student ID and myInfo password
  • Click Student Information, then Student Records
  • Click Final Grades, select a semester and hit the Submit button 


D2L Notifications


You can get course updates on your mobile through text or email using Notifications. To set it up:

  • Click on your name in the upper right and choose "Notifications"
  • Register a mobile and/or enter an email address to use
  • Check off the types of notifications you would like to receive and Save.

Free Office 365!


You can download and install the full Office 365 suite for FREE on Mac and Windows if you are a student. Here's how :


  • Log in to using your email
  • Click "Install Office 2016" or "other installs" (if you need to change the version).
  • Run the downloaded file to start the installation. I

If you need additional help email our helpdesk at or call 406 247 5755.



 "Oops" message while uploading

If you see "Oops, your file could not be uploaded." while uploading a file, it may have an invalid name or file type. Here are a few ways to fix the issue:


  • Remove all of the symbols from the filename, "Questions & Answers 4.2.txt" could be "Questions and Answers 4 2.txt"
  • Stick to letters, numbers, and underscores (_) when naming files
  • If the software or web site you use has a "Save As" or "Export" option, use that to make a copy that is a different file type
  • D2L will accept most MS Office file types, like docx, xlsx, pptx, etc. Office for both Mac and Windows should be free if you are a student!

D2L on your Mobile with Brightspace Pulse


Pulse can help you keep up with your course on the go. It can show most course content, subscribed Discussions, and events from your Calendar. Brightspace Pulse is available for both Android and Apple mobile devices. To use Pulse:

  • Search your app store for "Brightspace Pulse" to download it
  • After loading, lookup our school name in the app and sign in with your D2L credentials
  • Choose a course to view Content, your Calendar, and Discussions you have subscribed to



Downloading Content for Easier Viewing


Some types of files in Content may work better when downloaded to your device, especially if you need to print them. Here's a few things to keep in mind:

  • To download, click the down arrow next to an item in Content and choose "Download"
  • From there you can Open or Save the file. You will need an app capable of opening it.
  • Files that work better downloaded include PDF, Word, and PowerPoint.



Viewing Your Grades in D2L


Do you want to know how you are doing in a class? D2L can help you see your grades.

  • Near the top of your D2L page, there is a list of D2L features. The last one should be "Grades."
  • Click on "Grades".
  • You will be able to see your grades and any assignment's total points.