Respondus Assistance

Things to know

  • Used if quizzes are created in Word or other text file
  • Word documents are imported into Respondus, a system that repackages them for D2L
  • Respondus exports into .zip file for D2L
  • If your document has marked answers or an answer key included make sure you don't upload it into the content area directly

What is Respondus?

The quizmaker! Respondus is an application available to us that allow you to take a normal doc, txt, or rtf file and turn it into a quiz, magic! Using it, you will set all of the properties and restrictions, and fix any formatting or spelling errors before bringing it into D2L. The package that it creates adds the quiz questions to your Question Library for you, including the creation of random sections. The files you feed into it do have formatting requirements to allow Respondus to translate it into a quiz.

Who uses Respondus

Respondus can involve some wrangling in order to get it to output a quiz package correctly, and may involve a substantial time investment. If you have a quiz built in a document and would like to put it in your course, contact us at e-Learning support. Any submitted documents need to have the correct answers marked. If you would prefer to use Respondus yourself, it first needs to be installed on your university computer. Contact the faculty IT helpdesk for more information about installing it. After it is installed contact us at e-Learning support for usage information.

Other Quiz Options

As long as your quiz is well formatted and contains no attached answer key or marked correct answers, you may choose to put it directly into the Content area with the normal upload method. Doing it that way will require you to manually grade the quiz, and it will not show up with the normal quizzes icon in the content section. It should include the word "Quiz" or similar in the title to identify it.

This option has some drawbacks, including giving all students the ability to download and keep or share the quiz with other students. It may also be somewhat confusing to students who are used to taking quizzes from the "Quizzes" section.