Each year since 2012, the UHP has hosted a guest writer who teaches an Honors seminar on a topic of her or his choosing. As a result, students and community auditors have studied Hemingway with Ernest Hemingway’s last assistant, Valerie Hemingway, contemporary travel writing with Tim Cahill, a founding editor of Outside magazine, and contemporary nature and ecology writing with noted environmental writer Gary Ferguson. The guest writer seminars also bring community auditors—often life-long readers—and UHP students together, a combination which produces unusually vibrant and exploratory discussions.

Spring 2018

HONR 294/494-003 “Hemingway's World”
Guest Writer Valerie Hemingway and Professor David Craig

Explores the fiction, life, and times of Ernest Hemingway with his last assistant and now consulting editor of the 17-volume Complete Letters of Ernest Hemingway. This seminar will focus on Hemingway’s short stories, The Sun Also Rises, and For Whom the Bell Tolls, as well as material from biographies. Valerie Hemingway will provide insights into many of Ernest’s perspectives including masculinity, war, friendship, and education. “Ernest wrote about the essence of things; views and behaviors change but essence doesn’t” she has observed. “He tapped from the source and somehow he is always in vogue.”

Read more about Valerie Hemingway here.

Past Writers in Residence

2017 – Craig Lancaster

2016 – John Clayton

2015 – Virginia Spragg

2014 – Gary Ferguson

2013 – Tim Cahill

2012 – Valerie Hemingway