Savannah Merrit

Cheyenne, Wyoming
Class of 2021
Double Major Biology and Chemistry


"Being involved has been the biggest blessing in my life since coming to college…"



What are you involved in at MSUB?

I am currently the vice president of ASMSUB, a leader within Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, part of the LEAD program, and I previously was a member of the track team.

What originally drew you to being involved in ASMSUB? What roles have you served on ASMSUB?

When I came to MSUB for orientation, I visited the ASMSUB table and was able to talk to Valerie.  She provided me with so much information and told me of the benefits of being part of the student senate, and it had me very interested so I put in an application.  I was involved in student government in high school and really enjoyed it and wanted to take that experience to the next level, and ASMSUB was exactly what I was looking for.  Since becoming part of ASMSUB, I have served as a senator, the Student Resolutions Officer, and am currently serving as the Vice President of the student body.

Double majoring and being involved on campus can’t be easy. Do you have any advice for students who want to be more involved but may feel like they have too much going on to be in a variety of groups? What do you think are the benefits of being involved on campus during college?

My advice for students who want to be involved but are worried about it being too much:  most clubs and organizations are willing to work with you.  They want you to be involved but also be a successful student.  It can be overwhelming at times, but being active on campus in many areas as well as double majoring has really taught me how to balance my time and has opened up a lot of doors with people who really care about my success and will do what they can to aid me in that process.  Being involved has been the biggest blessing in my life since coming to college because it has made my college experience about more than just going to class to receive a degree.  It has given me new friends, networking opportunities, and things to look forward to.

How was your transition from Wyoming to Montana? Do you plan on eventually returning to Wyoming?

My transition from Wyoming to Montana was better than I expected.  It felt like home right away and it did not take me long to adjust to the new environment.  I am not sure if I plan on moving back to Wyoming, but that will always be home.  I am not sure where life after college will take me, but my door is always open for new opportunities and adventures.