Dani Branson

Shepherd, MT

Class of 2019

B.A. Music Euphonium Performance and Teaching Option


The quality of faculty we have is incredible.


DaniWhat activities, clubs and jobs are you involved in at MSUB?

I am part of the Yellowjacket Jazz Club, NAfME, the University Honors Club, and the University Honors Program.

Do you have a favorite class or instructor at MSUB?

My favorite class was actually not related to my major at all, it was an honors class: Environmental Vision taught by Dr. Bernard Quetchenbach. I think I enjoyed his class so much because it was so much different than all the other classes I was taking. It wasn't complex theories on child psychology or playing my horn. While I obviously love those things, the Environmental Vision course was a nice change of pace to my regular schedule and a reminder that there is more things affecting my life than just music. It was really nice to have a change of pace from education and music, but don't get me wrong, I LOVE my major.

My favorite professor though, would be John Roberts, professor of low brass. He has encouraged me to be a better musician during my time here and doesn’t let anything slide. I really appreciate everything he does not only for me, but the University.

What is it like being a member of the music department here at MSUB?

I seriously love being a music major, not only because of the music but because of the people. It is such a small department, it’s hard to not know everyone. It seems like some of the ensembles are all the same people that just play different music which is kind of funny. Everyone is friendly to each other and there is such a high level of respect for everyone's individual musical interpretation. I love it. MSUB really does have an amazing music program. The quality of faculty we have is incredible. They all know what they are doing, but are humble about it. They so much about the students and are constantly trying to learn new things and stay "up to date.” It really shows when they are interacting with students. All the faculty want to see us succeed, and they try their hardest to make sure we are prepared for the next path we take.

What do you like about MSUB?

I love that MSUB has such small class sizes, it makes the student-professor relationships really strong and helps the learning environment as well. I also love that MSUB is so friendly and accepting of everyone. I have yet to be in a class that is affected by drama or bullying or anything of the sort.

What would you tell students of MSUB they should do to make the most of their college experience?

Read the assigned readings BEFORE the class period that they are due. You will learn so much more and retain the information for so much longer than if you only look at the power points. Also, don't waste your time in college because time is so valuable. But, use the extra time you have to at least be happy. Don't be afraid to have fun and get involved. Being in college is more than just books and papers: you need the assignments to get the degree, but without the social aspect you never really find out who you are, what you like or dislike in professions or degrees for that matter. I know multiple people that loved the music students and faculty so much they actually changed their major, which in turn changes their entire future.