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In April 2011, the Administrative Services Division at Montana State University Billings met and developed a strategic plan. From that plan, one of the goals was for the Division to develop a comprehensive training strategy and program for the University to build awareness, knowledge, and skills on Administrative Services and its processes. This webpage was built as part of that goal. Please plan on visiting often, as it will be updated to address the continuing, changing training needs of the Division.

Terrie Iverson
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

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Telephone: 406-657-2131
McMullen Hall, room 309 (Administration)

Transaction Forms

1. What form do I use to inform Payroll that I have hired a new employee?
2. What form do I use to inform Payroll of a change to an employee's salary, FTE, or other related payroll item?
3. What form do I use for an employee earning extra compensation?
4. When can I pay a person as an independent contractor?