Out of School Activities for Grade Levels 6th-12th

Please Call your Program Office at (406) 657-2116 to Sign-up for the activities you are interested in!

Note: Some sessions are capped. If you sign-up for a session and are unable to attend, please call or email us. We usually have a wait list of students and want to make sure that we open the opportunity up to the next student on the list.

-9/17/19    Tuesday                                 Time:  8:30am-11:30am                   Place:  MSU-B Gym

Seniors - College Fair:  Seniors may sign-up for this event at their high school.  You will be excused during      certain periods in the morning to go gather information from various colleges throughout the United States.  This is a really important event to attend at the start of your senior year.  You will also be registered for a scholarship drawing by signing up.  Wait for announcements at your school to sign-up or see your counseling office for more information.  UB/ETS advisors will be at the event to help answer questions and make sure you are getting all the applications and information necessary. 


-9/21/19   Saturday        Time:  9-11am              Place: MSU-B Student Union Building

Seniors & Parents - College Planning, Senior Timeline, and Important Updates Meeting:  This meeting will   provide a college timeline, checklist, and information on any changes for this year’s senior class.  There are many important college dates and deadlines during the senior year.  This is an invaluable workshop that you do not want to miss. 


-9/21/19   Saturday        Time:  9-10am              Place: MSU-B Student Union Building

New Students and Parents—If you are new to ETS, come learn all about the program.  We truly offer so many amazing opportunities like college planning, tutoring, college visits, summer activities, volunteering, and more.    


Montana College Application Week-Seniors Only               9/30/19 thru 10/4/19

Your high school will be participating in this event to help seniors apply to a Montana college. In most cases the application fee for these institutions will be waived during this time.  Please listen for more information at your high school or check with your UB/ETS advisor for more information and your school’s hosting date(s).


-10/5/19   Saturday                      Time: 8:45am-Noon                    Place:  Meet at the Cisel Hall Parking Lot

All Students Welcome– MSUB STEM CLUB– MSUB college students have planned a workshop designed to provide a broad understanding of science concepts through interactive lessons. Learn how the lungs work, make candy, and enjoy the fun of gases.  This will be entertaining, interesting, and fun.


-10/12/19   Saturday                      Time: 7:30pm                                  Place: NOVA (2317 Montana Avenue)      

“Jungle Book” - In this action-packed adaptation of the classic adventure story, precocious Mowgli grows up believing he's as fierce a wolf as any of the members of his pack. When he learns he is actually a human, he must discover how to reconcile these very different identities, and decide whether to remain with the pack, or return to the human world from which he was born. What will he choose? And will he be trained in the Law of the    Jungle in time to defeat Shere Khan, the most feared animal of all?  Note:  20 Tickets available, first come first serve.  Students are only allowed to receive one ticket for one show per semester.  STUDENTS MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN TRANSPORTATION!


-10/17/19   Thursday             Time: 8:45am-3pm                    Place:  Meet at the Cisel Hall Parking Lot       

Mobile App Development  - Learn how to create mobile apps just like those on your cell phones. Charles Harvey will lead this session and introduce students to the world of mobile apps. Lunch will be provided for this day long session.


-10/18/19   Friday              Time: To Be Announced                         Place: To Be Announced                         

Spend the day with a MSU Billings STEM college student. More information will be available through your advisor, or contact  msubstem@gmail.com. High school students only.


-10/19/19   Saturday                      Time: 8:45am-3pm                    Place:  Meet at the Cisel Hall Parking Lot

All Students Welcome– Drone Flight School & Racing Competition– Students will learn the principles of flight, get to build their own drone, and compete in a racing competition.  Pat Kenney will lead this session. Don’t miss out on the fun!  Lunch will be provided.


-10/19/19   Saturday                Time: 9am-12pm                                Place:  MSU-B Student Union  

Seniors & Parents - FAFSA Help Session—Free Application for Federal Student Aid:  Don’t miss this opportunity to get help completing your FAFSA.  Make sure you bring all the following materials:      

  • FSA ID - To obtain an ID, log on to fsaid.ed.gov
  • Correct Social Security numbers (students, parents, guardians)
  • 2018 Federal Tax Returns
  • W2s, tribal income, other aid information (TANF, child support, other benefits)
  • Additional Asset Information (money market funds, stocks, other investments)


-10/31/19  Thursday                            Time: 5:15-7pm                           Place:  MSU-B Student Union  

Halloween Food Drive  (All Grade Levels Welcome)- We are partnering up with MSU-Billings students to collect food for the Food Bank.  We will be breaking up into groups and collecting donations from area houses.  Please wear a Halloween costume if you’d like.   


-10/31/19   Thursday   Time: 4:30-6:15pm Place: Meet at St. John’s Nursing Home (3940 Rimrock Rd.)  

St. John’s Nursing Home Volunteer Event (All Grade Levels Welcome) 

Come hang out with the residents at St. John’s and help distribute candy to the trick-or-treaters; it is a wonderful community service!  



-11/16/19  Saturday                              Time: 8:45am-3pm                     Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot   

Cyber Security/"White Hat Hacking" - This is a hot topic with a lot of opportunity for employment.  Charles Harvey will lead this session introducing students to cyber security, how it works and who is stopping it from happening. This may be your career. Lunch will be provided for this day long session.


-11/16/19  Saturday                              Time: 8:45am-Noon                   Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking Lot   

All Students Welcome—Cosmetology & Culinary– If you are interested in a career as a cosmetologist, nail   technician, esthetician, chef, or a baker; come check out this fun and hands on workshop.  You will even get to make a fun holiday treat.    


-12/5/19   Thursday                             Time: 6pm-7:30pm                               Place:  MSU-B Student Union  

UB/ETS Holiday Party- All grades are invited to come celebrate the holidays.  We will play games, have holiday snacks, and make holiday cards for the residents at St. John’s Nursing Home.  If you’d like to bring a new stuffed animal to donate to the residents as well, please do so.     


-12/6/19   Friday                                Time: 7:30pm                       Place:  NOVA (2317 Montana Avenue)    

“A Christmas Carol”- This classic Christmas tale is reenergized to include a doll toting little girl, and recreate the role of Ebenezer Scrooge making him less an evil tyrant and more an elderly man with a depth of memories and emotions. This interpretation of a Christmas Carol leans toward being a study of the character of Scrooge while still playing out our favorite holiday tale of the magic of Christmas.  

Note:  20 Tickets available, first come first serve.  Students are only allowed to receive one ticket for one show per semester.  STUDENTS MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN TRANSPORTATION!


-1/11/20   Saturday                               Time: 9-11am                     Place:  MSU-B Student Union 

All Students Welcome– Show Me the Money –If you like money and duct tape, you don’t want to miss this workshop.  Students will learn practical money tips that will be helpful in the future.     

Other possible College Visit Days for Seniors and Parents

Note:  Please call the individual colleges to sign-up for these dates.  You are responsible for your own transportation for these events. 


Friday, November 15th

**More Spring Dates to be




Call:  657-2888 or visit

http://www.msubillings.edu/  future/visit.htm


Montana State University

Friday, October 18th

Friday, January 31st

Friday, February 28th

Friday, March 13th

Friday, June 12th


Call: 1-888-MSU-CATS or visit



University of Montana

Friday, October 18th

Friday, November 8th

Friday, January 24th

Friday, March 27th

Friday, April 24th

Friday, June 5th


http://admissions.umt.edu/ visit/um-days.php