Offline Activity Synchronous Activity Asynchronous Activity
In class lecture Present lecture in real time using Webex. Make certain you record it for later posting! Record lecture using Webex or Techsmith Relay. Don’t forget to caption!
Guest speaker You can send guests a URL to access your WebEx, the same as your students. Guests record their content using another platform, or by entering into a synchronous Webex with you that you record. If they record it themselves, they upload to YouTube. In both cases you can post it to D2L after.
Student presentations Students present in real time using Webex. Students record presentation using Webex, the same as you might. They can record, upload to YouTube, and can even link them in a Discussion if you’ve set one up.
Small group work/discussions Small group work (assigned groups) using Webex Teams, or separate Webex meetings. Create a prompt for students to respond to by posting to a Discussion in D2L Students can even record videos in these Discussions using video note so it feels more like talking than text!
Peer review writing session Same as group work above. Same as group work above. Students can also use the Locker function in D2L (tutorial coming soon) to share their work with each other if that is preferable.
Exam Schedule oral exams with students by creating a Webex meeting. You can also create a written quiz in D2L with a time limit and restricted availability dates and times. Convert your paper quiz to an online quiz in D2L. You can set time limits, availability, and grant special access as needed.